Zadira - S01 E02 (Story Episode)

10 months ago

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“Where do you say he went to?” After he glanced at the wall clock several times.

“I sent him to check if Angela mother is back, if she is not back, he should return” she lied to increase his punishment.

“Because of that Angela of a girl, he decided to stay back, I will surely deal with him” he clench his fists, rest his head on the chair. Escaping the outer world to think of a perfect punishment.


“Uncle and aunty, good evening” his body shake with freight as his uncle continuely hit his right foot on the floor, his wife stretch her hand to have what he brought.

“So Michael you want to impregnate a girl at this age” he took the whip lying on the floor, flogging him mercilessly without pity.

“Shut up and kneel down there, your hands on the air” Jackson ordered. He did what he ordered him to.

“So who gave you the audacity to stay back?” He asked pulling his belt from his belt holes, to start another round of beating.

“Au…nty said I should wait till she return” Jackson landed his belt on his body, kicking and punching him too, to his satisfaction.

“You dare called my wife a liar, you won’t eat to Night” he left the sitting room fuming with anger.

“Is better you die and join your useless parents, cursed child!” She spit at crying Michael and left him in the parlour alone to nurse his bruises and broken heart.


“Mama and papa, why do you leave me all alone in this wicked world?” He clean the incessant dropping tears with back of his hand, he covered the wrapper on his body and lie on the mat.

“My stomach” he groan, the worms in his stomach are demanding food.


“Where is this useless boy?” Felicia glance at the wall 4:25am, she stroll through the passage and open a door that faces the kitchen, the storeroom.

“You will see today” she snap her finger on seeing sleeping Michael on the mat, she picked up a long cane and a bottle of water.

“Aaaahhh…” he winced in pains, as his aunty poured him water then followed by hard flogging.

“You want to beat me? Ewooooh!” Felicia screamed when she notice that his screaming have alerted everyone in the house.

“Beat who?” Jackson asked, joined his wife in beating poor Michael, this is another trouble morning for him, no food for him till he returns for school.


“Michael, can you help us out of your incessant yawning, you want to swallow everyone here?” Badu, the biology teacher warned sternly, the fourth time Michael yawned in his class, the class roared with laughter when his joke register in their mind.

“If you know, your note isn’t complete. Kindly march out with your matchet” he ordered after the bell ring has jingled the bell for change of lesson, Kennedy and Bright march out with their matchets surprising Michael who have given each of his friend his note for good two weeks, they followed the teacher out of the class.


“Take” Becky who woke sleeping Michael, gave him 50naira to buy what he will eat during the break, everyone is aware of his aunty cruelty.

“Thank you, Beck” he took the money and thank her profusely, he ran out of the class jumping and dancing happily.


“See the mumu there” the short albino among his three friends pointed to where Michael is eating biscuits and pure water hungrily, three of them walk to where Michael is.

“Good afternoon, seniors” Michael stood up and greet three of them, the older one who is not meant to be a student in sss3 anymore gave him a hot slap that he staggered backward.

“Girlfriend snatcher” he cursed Michael, he wanted to slap him again instead of him, he slapped his albino friend. The three friends start slapping each other to the amazement of Michael.

“So is you?” Michael asked foolishly as he sighted Zadira sitting and swinging her legs on a class window.

“Gracious Zadira”


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