Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E88 (Story Episode)

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The Medics arrived together with some Policemen and they carried the dead bodies into their cars and drove away.
Ambrose appeared in an Uncompleted Building with Presh. Presh drew backwards in shock on what that is happening.

Presh: So you are the Masked guy?

Ambrose: Yes dear

Presh: Why didt you tell me this all this while?

Ambrose: Is not proper telling you

Presh: So you know am a bad girl and you still hang around with me even saved me many times without me even saying Thank you

Ambrose: It doesn’t mean anything dear

They were still on this when Cynthia appeared some distance from them.

Presh: Who is she to you?

Ambrose: She’s my Friend

Presh: Are you inlove with her?
The Question took Ambrose in surprise cause Cynthia was also hearing what was going on. He didt know how to answer Presh in order not to hurt her feelings. Cynthia sensed the tension in Ambrose as she interrupted them.

Cynthia: Presh! You should be lucky he saved you cause by now you should be dead or perhaps facing the Law.

Presh: I don’t care if am facing the Law or Not, All I want to know is that if Ambrose here has been f-----g you

Cynthia: Hey! Hold it there, do you think everyone is you? That do open legs for any guy that cross your way? Next time don’t ever say such to me

Presh: I can see you both are Mad, Ambrose tell me the truth, are you inlove with her?

Cynthia: Yes he is, his very much inlove with me, we have even made Love to each other countless times, we are even dating, so you should do the needful by handing yourself over to the Police.

Presh: Ambrose is this true?

Ambrose: Presh, calm down, Cynthia you should stop now

Cynthia: Stop what? How can she be saved and she’s here asking some useless questions as if she’s still a virgin.

Ambrose: Please is ok, Presh you need to go back home and rest

Presh: Am not going anywhere.

Ambrose: I mean your family home please

Presh: Am not going.

Ambrose held her hands and they disappeared while Cynthia hissed, she sat down at the window while waiting for Ambrose to return.
Ambrose appeared with Presh infront of her gate and he knocked at the gate while the Gateman answered from inside. He later came and opened the small gate while Ambrose took Presh inside.

They stopped infront of the house while Presh pulled the door handle and the door opened, they went inside the house and met the Mum at the seating room watching some interesting movie on the TV. She looked at the direction Presh and Ambrose was standing.

Presh: Mum Good Afternoon (she walked over to where her mum was seating)

Presh Mum: Fine Afternoon dear, You didt tell me you were coming back

Presh: Yes Ma, it was urgent

Presh Mum: Who is the young man with you?

Presh looked at Ambrose whom was stirring directly at her.

Presh: His my coursemate and my Friend

Ambrose walked closer to them to greet the Mum.

Ambrose: Good Afternoon ma

Presh Mum: Afternoon, how are you?

Ambrose: Am fine ma and you?

Presh Mum: Good, how is studies?

Ambrose: We thank God ma

Presh Mum: Make yourself comfortable let Precious(Presh)get something for you to eat

Ambrose: No need ma, Am actually on my way home, I just said I should accompany her home before going home.

Presh Mum: So you are rejecting something from me

Ambrose: No ma, Am in a hurry, I will drop by next time, I promise

Presh Mum: Ok, take care

Presh: Mum, I will be back
She stood up from where she was seating with her mum, she and Ambrose went out from the house, they walked down to the gate while Ambrose held her hand.

Ambrose: Remain in this house, don’t go anywhere till all the sega is off.

Presh didt say anything to him, she didt even look at his face.
Ambrose came out from the compound and looked around but couldn’t see anyone in sight as he disappeared. Presh opened the gate to see

Ambrose but couldn’t see him again and she got the hint that he must have disappeared. She was totally moody on the turn out of things cause she was deeply worried that Cynthia has taken her place in Ambrose heart. She was also shock to know that Ambrose is the one behind the mask and he has been saving her all this while without her knowing. She was also confused why he was also saving Sparkling. She was thinking and walking into the house. Her mum saw her mood and called her to come over and she went over and sat beside her mum.

Presh Mum: My dear, what’s wrong?

Presh: Nothing mum

Presh Mum: But where is your bag?

Presh was caught in the web with this question but at that instance, the gateman came in carrying alot of bags.

Gateman: Madam, you left this your bags at the Gate.

Presh Mum: Oh, take it inside her room.

Presh knew at that instance that is Ambrose handiwork, her phone started ringing beside her, she was surprised cause she never came back with it. And it was Ambrose calling

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