Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E87 (Story Episode)

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CYNTHIA was still in her room when she got a call from an unknown number. She looked at the number and tried using her power to know the true caller but it didn’t work for her, “This must be Ambrose” She exclaimed as she picked the call.

Cynthia: Hello who is this?

Ambrose: Is me joor

Cynthia: You joor na person name?

Ambrose: Forget that thing joor, so where you dey?

Cynthia: I dey my Hotel room

Ambrose: Find me come Base 41 now

Cynthia: Hmm, and what makes you think I will listen to you

Ambrose: Nawa for you oo

Cynthia: Ok fine, am coming

Ambrose: Better!

Cynthia: What did you just say?
Ambrose quickly ended the call while Cynthia hissed loudly.
She came down from the bed she was sitting on and started arranging her things. Few minutes later, she was done. She closed her eyes and tried disappearing but it didt work for her, she continued trying for some time before she gave up and opened the door. She walked down the reception and left the Hotel. She got outside the hotel, stopped a keke man that took her to the Base 41 and stopped her there while she paid him off. She was about to call Ambrose on phone when Ambrose was already calling her. She picked the call.

Cynthia: Where are you nah?

Ambrose: Behind you

Cynthia quickly turned around but she mistakenly jamed her body with that of Ambrose own, they were silence among them as their lips were few inches away from each other. Cynthia breathing increased as Ambrose was drawing much closer to her, she closed her eyes to receive a kiss from Ambrose but Ambrose started laughing while Cynthia quickly opened her eyes.

Cynthia: What’s funny?

Ambrose: But wait oo, why did you close your eyes

Cynthia: Thank God you said my eyes and not yours

Ambrose: Hmmm

Cynthia: So why did you call me here?

Ambrose: Come with me
Before she could protest, Ambrose quickly held her hand and they both disappeared.

They appeared close to the area the Vikings/Viqueens and The Angels where being arrested.

Cynthia: What’s going on here? (whispered)

Ambrose: As you can see, they are being arrested.

Cynthia: How come?

Ambrose: Is a long story, so this is what I have been doing that you were blind to see

Cynthia: Wow, you really did a good job here. But what happened to their powers?

Ambrose: Already terminated.

Cynthia: How come?

Ambrose: That will be later

Cynthia: I can’t believe what am seeing oo
The Military men handcuffed all of them and they were about to handcuff Presh, when she pushed the Military man beside her down and held the one that was about to handcuff her, she quickly took out the Soldier Sharp blade on his front pocket, she held him and pointed the blade on his neck while other military men pointed their guns at her.

Soldier1: Young girl, do yourself good by dropping that knife

Presh: I can’t, let my friends go, or I kill him right now

She was still on this when the Soldier she was holding, quickly grabbed the Blade from her hand and they started struggling for the blade till it penetrated her ribs while she started bleeding.

The Military quickly took others inside the car.

Soldier2: Sir, what of her? (referring to Presh that was on the floor bleeding)

Soldier1: Lets take her along now

Soldier2: She can’t make it to the Hospital, her wound is much

Soldier1: Then lets roll, the Medic will take care of this mess.

They all jumped inside their Cars and drove off with the 2 cult leaders inside the car.
Ambrose wore his mask and was about to walk over to where Presh was bleeding when Cynthia held his hand
Cynthia: And where do you think you are going to?

Ambrose: Hmm, to help my friend

Cynthia: Hmmm Ok

she left his hand while Ambrose walked over to where Presh was bleeding seriously, she looked at the mask guy before she passed out. Ambrose removed the blade from her ribs and placed his hands on the wound while light displayed round his hand towards the wound, few seconds later the wound closed up while Presh woke up at that instance.

She looked at the mask guy again before she started talking.

Presh: Who are you? You have saved me twice, who are you?
Ambrose didt say anything rather, he stood up from squatting and was about to go when Presh called out his name.

Presh: Ambrose!!

Ambrose stopped walking and stood at that spot very surprise how Presh got to know his the one.

Presh: Ambrose, I know you are the one, remove the mask
Ambrose turned towards her and removed his mask while tears rolled down Presh eyes and she fell down and fainted.
Ambrose rushed towards where she was, he carried her and disappeared.

Cynthia: Haaa! This guy left me here and disappeared, how will I leave here now?

She was still on this when she started hearing serene all over that place, they were getting much closer while she did sign of the Cross, she closed her eyes again and disappeared immediately.

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