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The Dark Angels got to their Carpon Lodge and stopped, they took the Carpon, Trinity and Danger inside the lodge and safe guided the lodge.
They called their Doctor who came after 36 minutes and started treatment on Danger and Trinity. Few minutes later he was done extracting the bullets from their body.

An Carpon: Will they be fine?

Doc: Yes, they just need rest for now

An Carpon: Thanks Doc
The Doctor was given some money as he left the Lodge.
The Carpon called his men together.

An Carpon: Let no ear hear what just happened If not they will win the battle, I will resume my office of the Carpon of this Fraternity tomorrow morning, so you guys should make the arrangements of my arrival, for this Evening, I will be going to the Baba Shrine to know what actually happened that made the bullets to penetrate them.
During that same day, another convoy was arranged to take the An Carpon to the baba Shrine and they all set out for the Journey.

They got to the shrine and found out that nothing is there again.

An Carpon: I don’t understand, what happened here?
He was still lamenting and murmuring when the Herbalist appeared at that moment.

An Carpon: Baba what happened here?

Herbalist: Is a long story, but not to worry, am on the matter now, so what brought you people here?

An Carpon: Baba, The charm on us is no more working, 2 of my best men where shot and it penetrated them, I don’t know what actually happened.

Herbalist: Hmm, I knew it will get to this point, Just know that things aren’t the same again

An Carpon: Baba what do you mean not the same again?

Herbalist: So many things has been changed spiritually which I can’t do anything to stop. So I will advise you guys to leave that school and run far away with the money you guys have already acquired. Go!!!! (he disappeared)

An Carpon: No, I can’t run like a coward, with or without Charm, I have won so many battles. I must not lose this one.

He turned to his guys and highed their Moral and encouraged them the more before they all went back into the car and drove back to school.
Vi Carpon has already called their own Doctor to come and treat Thunder and the Doctor has already done that and left while The Vi Carpon and his men were still amazed on what just happened to Thunder.

Guy1: But boss we thought we are spiritually Protected

Vi Carpon: Yea, but something is not right here, Get me Gallant now

One of the guys went out and within 10 minutes he came back with Gallant.

Gallant: You sent for me, what happened?

Vi Carpon: Thunder was shot and the bullets penetrated him

Gallant: What!! That means we have to see Baba right away

Vi Carpon: Your right, guys lets move on 3 and 2 Angles.

They all stood up and went outside the Lodge, they jumped into their different cars and drove out from the Lodge.

On their way to the Baba Shrine, the Dark Angels attacked them. The gun shots were heavy that other cars that was on the road stopped and the owners came out from the cars and started running for their dear lives.
19 of Vikings were killed at that spot while the Vi Carpon, Gallant and 13 others managed to escape.

The An Carpon was visibly angry that others escaped, he brought out his Gun and shot the already dead Vikings. One of men came and met him at that spot he was.

Guy1: Boss, we lost 6 men

An Carpon: We still go after them, alert Succy and Presh that they should be our backup while we chase after them cause I know they are heading to see their Herbalist.

They all went into their car and drove the same path that the Vikings took.
Gallant took her phone from her purse and called Sparkling who picked at once.

Sparkling: Where are you girls?

Gallant: On the way to see baba, Charm is terminated, be careful and send our girls towards the baba Place cause we are been ambushed.

Sparkling: Ok

The call was ended while Sparkling called all the Viqueens that was present and organized them well before they jumped into their own Bus and drove straight towards the Baba Place.
The Vi Carpon, Gallant and other guys arrived the Baba Shrine.

Herbalist: You guys should go now, go!!!

Vi Carpon: But baba, we came for your help

Herbalist: Not now, go!!! (he disappeared from the shrine)

Gallant: What’s really happening?

Vi Carpon: I don’t know either
Guy2: Boss, they are here
The Vikings started shooting at the Angels while the Vi Carpon and Gallant took another path of the bush and ran deeper into the bush.

The Dark Angels also started shooting back at the Vikings. The Vikings took down 4 Dark Angels while the Dark Angels took down 2 of the Vikings, the remaining 11 Ran deeper into the bush.

The An Carpon ordered that the shrine should be set ablaze and his men took some fuel in the car and poured it at the shrine and put fire on it and the shrine was burnt down. While they ran after the Vikings in the Bush.

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