Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E83 (Story Episode)

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As Trinity Shot Sparkling, Ambrose quickly appeared and caught the bullet before it could reach where Sparkling was. Ambrose quickly disappeared with Sparkling.
Trinity was surprised to see the Mask guy rescued Sparkling, He started struggling with his 2 hands in order to bring back Ambrose and Sparkling, he was on this when a heavy wind threw him away and the Angels rushed towards him to help him up but he was very tired already, they took him with them out of that place.
Ambrose appeared in Gallant Lodge but Gallant wasn’t inside only 2 girls that they left at the lodge to look after the Lodge, when they saw the Mask Guy carrying Sparkling, They drew back as Ambrose walked over to the room and dropped Sparkling on the bed while the 2 girls were still pointing their guns at Ambrose.

Girl1: Who are you? And what have you done to her?

Ambrose didt even look at them rather he dressed Sparkling very well on the Bed before he stepped backwards.

Girl2: Tell us who you are now?
Ambrose just disappeared without uttering anything to them and they became frightened, they rushed to the bed to check if Sparkling is still alive and they found out that she’s still alive. They brought out their phone and called Gallant and informed her what just happened and she asked them to keep Guard that she’s on her way back. The call was ended as the 2 girls were still looking around the room to see if Ambrose was still around.
Within few Minutes a car stopped outside while the 2 girls went out and saw is Gallant. She quickly ran inside the Lodge to see Sparkling was still unconscious.

Gallant: What did the Mask guy say?

Girl1: Nothing, we were asking him who he is but he refused to say anything

Girl2: He didt even look at us when he dropped Sparkling and disappear

Gallant: This is strange (she checked Sparkling again)
Gallant later came to the seating room of her lodge and her girls assembled

Girl3: So what do you guys think that the Mask guy wants cause am just confused

Gallant: You aren’t as confused as I am right now

Girl2: Am also confused but we should be thanking God that his on our side

Girl1: I don’t think so, maybe his a friend to Sparkling

Girl4: I don’t think so, I think that he made a deal with Sparkling we don’t know

Gallant: No, Sparkling is never like that, see girls lets try and wave this matter aside and talk about the heavy fight that is still going on. We should move out now cause the Angels are really furious about this fight.

Girl6: What about the Dark Angels, hope our guys are leading on the scores?

Gallant: That’s what I don’t know, but we have to move out now cause Area 4 is still hot and our girls are still there.
They all stood up and left the lodge leaving the 2 girls behind again. Gallant and other girls got to the car, entered before they drove off from the Lodge.
Ambrose was still with Presh in an uncompleted Building. He placed his right hand on the wound and closed his eyes, the same white light still shown round the hand that he placed on the wound while the wound closed up and Presh breathing reduced to normal again. Ambrose quickly examined his right hand to know if it will have injury as the Left hand had cause he once used it on Cynthia but he was surprised that nothing happened to him and by now Presh is waking up from the deep sleep, Ambrose quickly wore his Mask before he stood up from where Presh was.

Presh woke up from the small mat Ambrose laid her.

Presh: Where am I? (she looked round the room but couldn’t see anything familiar. Her eyes caught a Mask guy and she became very alert.

Presh: Who are you?

Ambrose didt speak to her, he was just looking at her. Presh checked her ribs and found out that her wounds are gone.

Presh: But how? Why? What happened? What happened to me? Tell me, who are you?

Ambrose didt say anything rather he disappeared and Presh walked out from the Building, she found out that is a 2 storey old abandoned Building. She came out from the Building entirely, she walked towards a narrow road till she got to the Main road. She tried stopping Cars that was passing but no one stopped. She later succeeded in stopping a Car. The owner whined down the window.

Guy: Baby Girl, where are you going to?

Presh: Am going to UNN

Guy: What? Are you ok?

Presh: How?

Guy: This place is Ondo State and you are saying your going to UNN in Enugu, you should have gone to the park and enter a bus that is going there

Presh: Wait you mean am in Ondo State?

Guy: Yes.

Presh: Oh no, please help me, I was kidnapped, I don’t know I was brought here

Guy: Haaa, enter the car let me take you to the Park.
She entered while they drove away.

They got to the Park and the Guy paid for her Transport back to UNN and she gave him her number before he drove away.

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