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The An Carpon and Succy with some of their men arrived a deserted Building far from the school. The Building was an Abandoned Building, is a 3 Storey Building. They parked their car infront of the Building before they all came down from the 2 Cars they came with.

An Carpon: We will have to match into this Building and search for him, this is the least Building I have in mind that Cynthia will leave the Boss.

They cracked their guns before they matched into the Big Building and started searching all the rooms but couldn’t find anyone inside the Building.
They all came back together.

Succy: I didt see anyone

Guy1: Same with me

Guy2: And me too

Others: Same with Us.

An Carpon: Hmm, lets roll back into the car.
They came back to the Place they parked their cars but was shocked to see that the cars tires are lose and the glass of the cars are broken.

Succy: Who must have done this?

Guy1: Haa, this is bad
one of the guys saw a piece of paper placed carefully infront of one of the cars. He picked it up and read before he went over to where the 2 Carpon where standing.

Guy3: Boss, see what I found infront of the car.

The Carpons took it from him to see and the write-up says “WE ARE WATCHING YOU GUYS, XXX OOOH BLOODY”

Succy: This is the handiwork of the Vikings and we are blaming it on Cynthia.

An Carpon: Shit! I should have thought of this initially.

Guy4: So Boss, what should we do now?

An Carpon: We will be searching the Vikings Hideouts to know if we can see him.

Succy: Then what happens to this cars?

An Carpon: Hmm, Lets lock it and leave it here then later I will come for them.

Guy5: Ok Boss
They brought out their bags from the car and put all their guns back to the bag before they left that place.

They came to the main road and stopped 2 Taxi’s that took them back to the Boss Lodge.
Cynthia wore a black and black cloth and tired a black piece of Handkerchief round her head. Someone knocked at the door.

Cynthia: Who’s there?

Ambrose: Is me, Ambrose

Cynthia: Come in
Ambrose came in and closed the door behind him while he was surprised to see Cynthia on that outfit.

Cynthia: When did you start knocking on the door?

Ambrose: Lolz, let me learn to be a Gentle Man nah

Cynthia: Ok oo,, is nice

Ambrose: Where are you going to dressed like this?

Cynthia: Do you think am you that don’t care about my friends?

Ambrose: Hmm

Cynthia: I know you don’t that’s why am planning on doing it myself without your help since you have kept mute about it, so I can’t fold my mind and watch my Friends get down like that.

Ambrose: Hmmm (He didt know what to tell her)

Cynthia: I will be leaving now (she stretched her hand that she was holding her keys) Hold it for this room.

Ambrose: Don’t worry, I have my own way of leaving

Cynthia: Ok, Bye
She went out from the Room and Locked it. She went downstairs and started searching for Keke Man. She stopped one of the Keke Man. She entered and they drove away.

They got to Area 3 and the Keke man stopped

Cynthia: Why did you stop?

Kekeman: Haa, madam you no know say fight the go on for Area 4?

Cynthia: Which fight?

Kekeman: The 2 Cult people nah, haa na terrible fight oo,, me no the even near there, I don’t even know wetin you wan go do there.

Cynthia: Hmm, Ok how much?

Kekeman: Na #150
Cynthia brought out #200 and gave to him and he gave her back her change.

She came down from the Keke and the Kekeman drove off.
She started strolling to the Area 4, The Sun didt have any mercy on her till she got there.
She looked around the place and everywhere was scattered with Bullets, She walked round the area but couldn’t find anyone. She was still surveying the area when Trinity pointed his gun at her head from behind. Cynthia noticed that someone is behind her and she turned to see is Trinity.

Trinity: Witch nah you?

Cynthia: Call me what ever you wish, I came here in search of my Girls

Trinity: The Last time, I remember, they are dead.

Cynthia: They aren’t, if they are, I will know

Trinity: Then you should know where they are and stop suspecting everyone.

Cynthia: Stop pointing that useless Gun at me

Trinity: And who told you is useless, Atleast it can kill you and your spirit.

Cynthia: I don’t have time for kids like you. That Baba you guys met is still learning work so get lost now.

Trinity: Come and take me out
Cynthia started coming close to him slowly and he released fire on her but the Bullet didt penetrate her.

Trinity was shooting at her and running backwards while Cynthia was now coming much more closer to him, He stopped shooting at her and ran away.
Cynthia hissed and turned around but was stabbed again, she looked at the person that stabbed with Blade and it was Gallant who was now all smiles cause the Blade penetrated Cynthia. Cynthia started coughing out Blood and she fell Ground bleeding.

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