Crazy Couple - S01 E03 (Story Episode)

10 months ago

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I could feel the traces of sunlight shines towards my direction and gradually I opened my eyes..

its morning already…
I sat up straight on the bed and my first thought was Bryan.
did he get back yesterday night because I waited for him long enough but he didn’t show up and maybe while waiting I slept off…

I was still asking myself if he came back when I heard the splash of water in the bathroom ..

oh his back..I murmured and pulled out from the bed and immediately I was pressed..

Am this kind that I don’t hold wee when am pressed..

I paced up and down in the room trying to calm myself down and wait for him to come out but no, he was taking time..
I just couldn’t anymore as I hit the door so hard like a crazy wife..

“what the hell are u doing in there??? I yelled but no response

” Bryan !!!!!!!!, get out of there I know you can hear me…I screamed but still no response…

“God what kind of man is this …am really dying here, I can’t hold it anymore and I hardly know my ways around here, the mansion is just to big that one could easily get lost.

” Bryan if u don’t open this door now, i will break it and come in there..

And that’s when he laughed ,
does this door look like a wooden door to you and if u come in here then you will regret it because am gonna sex u so hard that you will not be able to stand up or walk…he said and giggled…

gosh..that was disgusting ..I feel like punching him right in the face..

god what will I do now

that’s when I lean over to the door as I said with a cool voice…Bryan please am pressed , open the door…

“i can’t hear you …he said from inside

” I said Bryan please opened the down…this time the urine is almost coming out of my pants..

And that’s when he opened the door and came out..

the moment I saw him , my mouth start drooling..
he was so cute and his body so firm..

yesterday when he removed his cloth, I didn’t see him clearly but now I can see everything..
he was just on towel …

I never knew he caught me staring at him..even this moment the urine has disappeared..

when brought me back to life was his snapped finger..
“Kate!! what the hell are u doing?? he yelled

”…I said trying to hold myself and that’s when I knew I have almost wet the whole floor with urine…

gosh….I quickly ran into the toilet..

gosh ..what a disgrace…

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