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“Hello beautiful,” Pius said startling the children from behind.

“It’s this troublesome guy again.” Tobenna and Lotenna said in unison.

“Yep, it’s me. Who is your friend little ones.” Pius laughs.

“Stop calling us little ones.” Soludo said angrily.

“Or what little one, gonna beat uncle Pius?.” He laughs again.

“What do you want boy?.” Amanda asked him after taking down the bucket of water from her head.

“You already my answer to that question, look. I don’t like speaking around the bush so I’ll get straight to the point. But first, can we speak privately.” He said with a smirk on his face.

“She is not going anywhere with you Pius.” Lotenna said uneasily.

“C’mon girl, I just want to talk to your aunty for a second, it won’t take long.” He said as he want to touch her hair.

“If you touch her, you’re going to lose alot of fingers.” Amanda stated boldly.

“Ah, a feisty woman I see, alright. Won’t touch any of them.” He said as he withdraw his hand to his pocket.

“What do you want, as you can see, we are busy so speak up boy.” Amanda said.

“Okay, what’s your name?.” He asked but Amanda ignores him and wanted to carry her bucket of water when Pius puts his hand on her shoulder, she looks at him for a few seconds and said.

“Get your hands off me now.”

“Hey, am trying to be friendly alright. Am a nice guy.”

As he said that, the children started laughing heavily as they all dropped their buckets of water.

“Stupid chil… ” he cursed.

“What’s that?.” She quickly said.

“Nothing,” he said not trying to complete his sentence.

“Good, now if you don’t mind we’ll take our leave now.” She said getting her bucket when he placed his hand on her again.

She gets angry and in a swift move, bends his hand sideways and flips him over her shoulder as he came hard on the ground.

The three children and everyone at the stream was shocked to the bones as they all kept a shock face obviously surprise, Pius is even more surprise as he couldn’t a lady would put him to the ground in seconds.

“Touch me again and you will never touch anyone again. Children let’s go home, your mothers would be waiting.” She said to the kids as she helped them put their respective buckets on their heads before carrying hers.

Abel and Jude immediately ran to Pius who is still on the ground in shock.

“Pius, na you she drop like that?.” Jude asked immediately he got to him.

“No like serious, the girl just drop you like that for public and you no do anything.” Abel said in pidgin.

“Omoh, she drop like the way dey dey drop paper.” Jude spoke out and Abel and him burst into laughter.

Pius didn’t say a word to both of them as he quietly gets to his feet and wipes his body with a white handkerchief then walks away, heading home.


When Amanda and the children gets home, Soludo couldn’t stop talking about the incident that made all the children laugh so hard that day.

Amanda found out from the children why it is a big deal as she is informed that Pius is a village bully as he always walks around with a dagger strapped at his back except Sunday mornings when he is going to church, he always hides in bushes with some of his friends to harass and robs unsuspecting victims, even his parents hated him but they couldn’t do anything to him as he is the only child they have.

One time, he killed an old man who refused to give him his money, when he was arrested for it, he denied the charges and since there weren’t any evidence, he was set free.

And he is a womanizer, he asks out, you reject him, him and his friends excluding Jidenna and Victor would rape the girl.

It was Tobenna’s mother who relaid the story to her after she heard what had happened.

“So my dear, you have to be very careful with him.” She tells her.

“I will aunty, don’t worry.” She said, her phone began ringing.

She checks the caller ID number, it wasn’t a familiar so she picks it.

“Hello Amanda, its me.” A familiar voice spoke from the other side of the call…

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