Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E78 (Story Episode)

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An Carpon and others got back to their Lodge. By now everywhere is now calm. Trinity came forth to meet them.

An Carpon: What about those fools?

Trinity: On the Run but my guys are on it

An Carpon: Good
They all walked back inside the house.

Trinity: So how did it go?

Danger: They said that is Succy here that Visited the Boss last and since then, he have not been seen.

Presh: I suspect that Cynthia, who knows the Kind of Power she possess.

Danger: Your right cause the said date that those guys mentioned, Carpon Succy were with me and she decided to call the Boss but he rejected her calls and since then the line is not reachable.

An Carpon: Yea, I know she didt do such but that’s not the problem now, the problem is how to get the Boss back before the Panel Fires at us tomorrow

Presh: Why so soon?

Danger: That’s the rule, Since his missing for 72hours, the Suspects and group must be brought to book

Trinity: So this means we are engaged in both side.

Succy: Am even short of words, why must she use my face

An Carpon: So that the Panel will face us and deal with us themselves and that will close our existence here in this school.

Presh: Oh no, so what should we do?

An Carpon: Lets divide Our group in 2 Sections. The first one will be attacking the Vikings while the second will be searching for the Boss cause I know that his been kidnapped.

Trinity: But if we divide ourselves into 2, won’t the Vikings/queens win over us

An Carpon: They won’t, We know their weakness which is to be attacking them in 4 to 3 Space.

Danger: Yes, that’s true

An Carpon: Trinity, your my Assistant, you take lead of those fighting back our Rival, Danger will be assisting you while Me, Succy will take the other Section. Am I Clear?

All: Yes Boss

Succy: Presh, you will be leading the Angels since I will be away, you girls should stick with the plans made by our guys

Presh: Ok, i got that

An Carpon: Lets move now
They all stood up and went out to carry it their plans, Trinity and Danger took over the first Section while the An Carpon, Succy took over the Second Section. Presh was now leading the Angels to assist the Dark Angels in the fight.
Vi Carpon and Thunder were still discussing on how to attack where the An Carpon Lodge is when Gallant call came into the Carpon phone and he picked it at once.

Vi Carpon: Babe what’s going on there, this one am hearing gun shots?

Gallant: Is the Angels oo,, They are really well prepared, they have taken down most of my Girls

Vi Carpon: Which side are you girls?

Gallant: Area 4

Vi Carpon: Hold them there, don’t retreat my guys will arrive there soon to help out.

Gallant: Please be fast, we can’t hold them here for long

Vi Carpon: Ok
He ended the call.

Thunder: Boss wetin Xup?

Vi Carpon: The Viqueens are under serious attack at Area 4, you need to go there with some of our men and help them out.
Thunder: On my way (he lifted his own gun cracked it and walked out of the room to carry out his duty)
Gallant and Sparkling has been shooting back at the Angels but the Angels were overpowering them the more. Before Gallant could tell her girls to fall back, she sighted Thunder and some of his men that was with him, They got close and started shooting at the Angels. The Angels noticed that the Vikings are there now. Presh called Danger on phone.

Presh: Where are you?

Danger: I dey Emirate

Presh: Abeg, show show, The Vikings has joined hands here.

Danger: What!! On my way
The call was ended while Presh dropped her phone inside her trouser took her gun and started firing at the Vikings/queens again.

Everywhere was getting hot as the Angels were now running out of bullets. The Vikings noticed this and started matching forward still shooting at the Angels. Presh almost gave up hope before she started hearing another gun shoots approaching them, Luckily for her and her girls it was Thunder with his men, they were inside the Hilux coming forward. They stopped the Hilux in a hidden place before they started shooting directly at the Vikings/queens. Thunder came out alone carrying his Ak-47, he was shooting at the Danger directly while Danger was shooting back at him but the bullets were not penetrating any one of them.

Danger: Hahaha, You want to try me baa

Thunder: Taa shut up that gutter, you too the make noise.

Danger: Your cup don full today (He dropped his Gun and brought out a knife) Come lets fight man to man

Thunder: Ok no problem (He also drop his own Gun)
They started fighting each other.

Danger Lifted Thunder and hit him on the ground and Thunder wrapped his 2 legs on Danger head while both of them fell to the ground.
They fought and fought till They were a bomb blast at that spot they were shooting gun immediately they stopped fighting and started Running for their lives.

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