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As the Vikings were shooting at An Carpon, Presh, Danger and Trinity with some of their Men.
Succy shielded Presh cause she wasn’t spiritually Protected. They still went inside the car and drove off leaving Trinity with some of his men to deal with the Vikings.

Trinity and his men started shooting back at the Vikings and the Vikings noticed that Trinity and his men are in a better Advantage and they started running and retreating while Trinity and his men pursued them.
An Carpon and others got to the Boss gate and horned for them to open up.

The Guards inside the house peeped through the hole at the gate and saw is the Dark Angels, the gate was opened for them. They drove into the compound and came down from the car while one of the Guards met them.

Guy1: Succy where is our Boss?

Succy: What does that suppose to mean? We should be the ones asking that question and not you

Guy1: I no Understand you oo,, You came here to see our Boss and since then we haven’t seen him.

An Carpon: Are you sure what you are telling us?

Guy1: Yes, Am very sure, Succy you came here that day

Succy: I didt come anything, believe me

An Carpon: Am just confused on this.

The Guy called the attention of all the Guards in the compound.

Danger: Lets just talk things over, cause Succy here that I know can’t do such rubbish.

Guy2: Nothing to talk about here, she should tell us where the Boss is or we deal with her very well.

An Carpon: Hey guys is Ok, lets go inside first

They all went inside the house and sat down.

One of the guys narrated how everything happened and how the ground was unstable that day.

Danger: I suspect, this must be the handiwork of Cynthia

Guy1: Cynthia or No Cynthia, We don’t know her, whom we know is Succy. If we don’t get Succy to bring out the Boss, we all will be in great Danger. Cause the whole Panel will come after your school and trust me nobody will be save.

An Carpon: Hmm, don’t worry, we will get back to your guys. Guys lets go (he said to Presh, Succy and Danger)

They stood up and left the house, they entered into the car and drove off.
TIME – 7:30AM
Cynthia woke up from the bed but couldn’t find Ambrose on the bed beside her. She yawned and stretched herself before coming down from the bed and saw a note at the table. She picked it and read it.
“So sorry dear that I didt bother to wake you up before I left, Am off to settle something, I will be back before you even know it, Bye!”

She smiled on reading the note. She dropped it at the table again and left. She went into the Bathroom to take her bath.
She was still on this when her phone started ringing and she picked it up to know the person that is calling Her. She found out that is the VC that was calling her.

Cynthia: Hello, Good Morning sir

VC: Good Morning, How are you?

Cynthia: Am fine sir

VC: I just called to remind you that is still remaining 4 Days

Cynthia: Ok sir, am still on it

VC: And information reaching me now is that there are gun shots at the walls of the School

Cynthia: You mean the Lodges?

VC: Yes and A serious one at that

Cynthia: Ok sir, am on it

The Call was ended
Cynthia switched of the shower and was now restless.

-How I wish I have found my girls, this would have been easy for me

-Where is this Ambrose self
-This is one thing I don’t like about him

-Where did he go without telling me when he knows we are on a mission

-I just hate all this things
-I don’t even know where to start looking for my Friends

-Are they still alive?
-Am just going crazy
-How will I call this Ambrose now

-I wouldn’t have refused to exchange Line with him
-And Now is me that will now ask him about his number, Gush!

She stopped thinking and took her phone. She walked out from the Bathroom into the Bedroom.

She saw Ambrose was already at the Bedroom waiting for her. A smile escaped her face and she quickly replaced it with a frown.

Cynthia: Where did you go to?

Ambrose: Ermm, No offense, I went out to buy stuffs

Cynthia: Like?

Ambrose: Something to eat

Cynthia: The school is on fire and you are here talking about food all the time, we only have 4 days to eradicate this fools out of this place.

Ambrose: Hmmm, So what’s your plan now

Cynthia: I don’t have any that’s why am waiting for you to come so that we would join head together and bring out a plan

Ambrose: Can ewu allow things to take good care of themselves

Cynthia: Just look at what you are saying, that we should leave them so that this school will be closed?

Ambrose: It won’t joor, haba, you worry yourself alot.

Cynthia: Do you know that Lodges are being attacked?

Ambrose: Hmmm when?

Cynthia: You see, You don’t even have an idea of what is going on

Ambrose: Nawa oo,, so wetin we go do now?

Cynthia: Lets fight them

Ambrose: Ok go ahead and fight

Cynthia: Huh!!!

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