Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E76 (Story Episode)

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Succy and some of her girls attacked a Lodge filled with Viqueens at Offcamp. The Viqueens on that lodge were still sleeping when Succy and her girls broke into the Hostel and started shooting randomly. Many Viqueens there were shot dead with some of the innocent ones while some managed to escape.
Gallant got the information that the Angels has started the attack, she stood up from her bed and checked her time and found out it was still 4 in the morning, she went over to her wardrobe and brought out her Red and Black Cloth with the Cap. She wore all of them as she took her Axe and put it on her waist while she brought out her AK-47 That she left Under her bed. She got set and came out from her Lodge, she locked it and turned around but met some of the Angels outside waiting for her, immediately she turned they started shooting at her but the Bullets didt have any effect on her.

Gallant: Hahaha, Your guys are just very stupid and Have made a very big mistake by coming here (she said and started shooting at the Angels)

The Angels were firing back at her but Gallant was able to get 6 of the Angels down while Others took to their heels.

Gallant stopped shooting, brought out her phone and called Sparkling.

Gallant: Babe where you dey?

Sparkling: I dey Area 2

Gallant: E don start oo

Sparkling: I know, they even attacked me and my girls

Gallant: Hope you girls are in section?

Sparkling: Yes

Gallant: That’s good, we meet at Area 4, from they we match them down.

Sparkling: Ok

The call ended and Gallant went inside her car and drove off with speed.
Thunder and his men went over to the Dark Angel Lodge and released fire on the building while the Dark Angels also started firing back from inside the Building.

The Dark Angel took down some of the Vikings that were not spiritually protected. The Vikings didt kill any of the Dark Angels cause they where still inside the house and the walls of the house were their shield.

Thunder: We attack in all 4 (He shouted to his men)

They all matched towards the Lodge still shooting at the Dark Angels while they Dark angels took off and started running while the Vikings started pursuing them.
They ran into a bush somewhere in the City.

Thunder and his men scattered all over the Bush in search of the Dark Angels.
Thunder sighted where 2 Dark Angels were hiding and he started shooting at that direction while the 2 guys started shooting back.

The Bullets were useless cause it didt penetrate the 2 guys nor Thunder.

Guy1: Guy drop gun make we do am man to man

Thunder: Hahaha, I don’t even care if you are 2 or not (he dropped his gun and the 2 guys did the same)

They started fighting, Thunder saw that they will win him and probably strangle him to death, He disappeared and they Were startled.

Guy2: Show yourself, stop running.

He appeared at their back and held one of them at his neck and strangled him at that moment before the other guy could rush him, he disappeared. The other guy became frightened and he took off and started running again.
The Dark Angel Carpon and Succy were now with Presh and some other guys. Presh was the one that interrupted the Dark Angel Carpon and Succy that previous night they were having sex, She apologized to them and they forgave her before she went out.
Presh was still heart broken after she heard a female voice at the call background when she was speaking with Ambrose, she has Neglected all the incoming calls that he was calling her and the messages that he has been sending to her.
Succy: My girls have started attacking the Viqueens but the report am getting now is that Gallant and her girls are spiritually protected that she has taken down some of my girls.

Danger: And our guys that are in the Lions Lodge were attacked early this morning.

An Carpon: So they started the attack very early as we did

Succy: Yea, but we were first to attack

Danger: Our guys are really in deep shit at the Area 12
(Succy noticed that Presh was not in good mood)

Succy: Babe, wetin the do you?

Presh: Oh nothing

Succy: You don’t look bright

Presh: Is just nothing dear, just tired

(Succy just stirred at her for a while before concentrating on the issue at hand)

Trinity: So what should we do now?

An Carpon: I don’t know now, Our Boss line isn’t reachable, I have been calling him since and his line is not connecting

Succy: Yea, this is unlike before

Trinity: I suggest we check on him when the sky has cleared.

An Carpon: What’s the time now?

Danger: This is 6:41am

An Carpon: Succy, Danger, Presh come with me. Trinity you will stay here and Guard the hood.

Trinity: Ok Boss

An Carpon: Lets go and see the Boss in his place now

They all stood up as An Carpon lead the way. They walked out from the compound but The Vikings has already arrived and opened fire on them.

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