Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E75 (Story Episode)

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Cynthia and Ambrose got into the room, Cynthia opened the door and they bought went in.
Cynthia dropped her handbag and some other things before she took her towel and entered into the Bathroom.

Ambrose was not sure how to feel, he wasn’t relaxed at all cause this is the first time he will be sleeping with a girl in the same room. He sat down on the bed and brought out his phone to chat but his mind wasn’t there at all.

At that moment, his phone started ringing, he looked at the caller and found out that is Presh that is calling him and he picked the call at once.

Presh: Hello dear

Ambrose: How are you?

Presh: Am fine and you?

Ambrose: Am good

Presh: I have been trying your line since but isn’t connecting

Ambrose: Oh, yea, I put it on Flirt Mood

Presh: But why dear?

Ambrose: Nothing, just that I went to where I didt want any disturbance

Presh: Am I permitted to know the place?

Ambrose: No oo,, is for boys oo

Presh: Ok oo,, so hope you have eaten?

Ambrose: Yes I have and you?

Presh: Same

Ambrose: Will you be around tomorrow?

Presh: Yea, somehow

Ambrose: Where will you be going?

Presh: Somewhere

Ambrose: Oh, am not permitted to know as well

Presh: Yes, is for the girls

Ambrose: By what type?

Presh: Early Morning

Ambrose: Haaa, don’t go anywhere oo

Presh: But why?

Ambrose: Just promise me you will stay inside the hostel

Presh: Hmm, Ok I promise

Ambrose: Thanks dear

Cynthia came out from the bathroom.

Cynthia: Am done, you can go and take your bath
(Presh heard what Cynthia said at the background)

Presh: Jesus, Ambrose where are you?

Ambrose: Am, am, am…………

Presh: Your with a girl in the room! (Crying)

Ambrose: Is not (Presh ended the call)

Ambrose became moody, he doesn’t like people suspecting him for what his not even doing, Cynthia didt know he was on call until she finished saying what she said.
Ambrose stood up from the bed and went into the bathroom

Cynthia was just stirring at him and she was confused on what was happening. She was tying a white towel but this one is longer and bigger than the previous ones.

Ambrose was sitting at the shower tomb without removing his cloths, he called Presh many times but she didt pick up, he sent her a message and she didt reply him. He dropped the phone at one side and took his bath.

He came out from the bathroom tying the short White towel round his waist. Cynthia was now watching a movie on the TV, she was now putting on her Nightgown. She looked at Ambrose and found out that his still moody. She wanted to ask him what’s wrong but restricted herself. She looked at Ambrose Chest and got carried away by his Abs and body structure.

Ambrose wore back his cloth and sat down at the edge of the bed. He was now watching the movie from that side.

Cynthia: Are you feeling hungry?

Ambrose: No, am not

Cynthia: Ok

They continued watching the movie till the movie caught Ambrose attention. He moved fro, the edge of the bed he was sitting and got close to where Cynthia was sitting and their body was now making contact to each other. Cynthia was carried away by the body contact of Ambrose to hers while Ambrose was engrossed on the movie that was showing.

The Movie got to a horror Scene and Cynthia got frightened while she hide her face in Ambrose shoulder. Her phone started ringing at the wardrobe where she kept it. She stood up from the bed to go and get her phone but slipped off while Ambrose caught her on the Air and they were now facing themselves without blinking their eyes.

Ambrose: Miss, be careful next time

Cynthia got back from the journey her mind has gone. She left Ambrose grip and went over to where her phone was and picked it up.

Few Minutes Later, They got tired watching movies as they both climbed the bed to sleep.

Ambrose was totally scared that a girl is sleeping beside her not just a girl but the whole Cynthia herself. He felt very proud at that moment.

Cynthia doesn’t even know what’s wrong with her as she felt the urge to be having body contact with Ambrose. He haven’t been feeling this for any guy before but she found herself feeling such for Ambrose and this Got her thinking if she’s falling for him or not.

Both of them where not facing each other, they were facing their Opposite direction.

Cynthia do look back at Ambrose to steal glance at him while Ambrose also do the same.

They continued like this for the next 20 Minutes till they both looked at each Other. They remained like that as their head was coming very cloth to each other. Both of their Heart was pounding hard as they were not sure on how to stop themselves from getting closer to each Other.

Their head was now few inch from each other as they both closed their Eyes.

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