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Liam frowned. He obviously didn’t like the idea, but he nodded once.

I grabbed my coat from the coat rack. After I put it on, I turned to Liam and stretched up on the tips of my toes. I stretched my neck up and he bent down. His lips were gentle on mine, his fingers tickled my hips.

I giggled and pulled away reluctantly.

“I’ll be back,” I promised, touching his cheek.
Liam nodded, but glared at Simon.

I walked toward Simon. I took a deep breath, steeling myself as I stepped out into the cold December morning.


Liam was anxious. He hated Simon’s guts.

For one he’d hurt Yvonne. He’d hurt her deeply. When they’d first met outside of the club, Yvonne had been drunk. Her eyes filled with unshed tears and he could tell she was hurt.
Instead of taking advantage of her—which he would normally do to a drunk girl—he found himself helping her.

He found himself unable to stop thinking about kissing her.
He had been unwilling to admit that he had fallen in love. Unwilling to admit what was right in front of him.

But he had finally realized on Halloween when Ryan—he thought the name venomously —had kidnapped her. His heart felt empty, cold when he thought she was out of his life forever.

And that’s when he knew that, yeah, he did like her.

So, the thought of her ex fiancé showing up at the door, asking to speak to her alone made him feel something had hadn’t felt in a long


They had only been together for four weeks, but Liam was the kind of man who rarely fell for a girl and when he did finally fall, he fuckin collapsed.
And he’d collapsed pretty d--n hard for Yvonne. And between keeping a close eye on Gretchen and keeping that assbag, Simon, away from Yvonne, Liam was pretty sure he’d go prematurely gray.

He’d seen the way Simon looked at Yvonne and he didn’t fuckin like it. He’d be more than willing to give him a black eye, a busted lip and a broken rib if he even so much as tried to touch a hair on Yvonne’s head.
“You look livid,” said a bored voice from behind him.

Liam turned and came face to face with his good friend Lucas. His expression was bored as always. Liam chuckled as he thought of the similarities between Yvonne’s brother and his best friend.

“Not livid at all,” Liam lied cheerfully.

Lucas looked like he didn’t believe him, but shrugged.
“She hasn’t made anymore moves. She tried to go to her father, but after a visit from Ryan and Daniel Grover he saw things our way,” Lucas informed him.

Liam nodded, his lips tightening when Ryan’s name was bought up.

“Good. And Kate?”
“She’s switched to Gretchen’s side, exactly as you predicted.”
Liam nodded again. “Good, then they’re falling into the trap nicely. Chauncey,” Liam called.
Chanuncey walked in, took one look at Liam and Lucas and nodded.

“Is it time for Phase Two already?”

“Yes, it is. Call my father and tell him to alert the others.”

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