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Eighteen years ago.

“Am sorry my dear, does it still hurt?.” Juliet asks concerned about her daughter.

“Only a little,” little Amanda said.”

“Okay, that’s good, let’s get you ready for church then.” She said to her.

“Yi, okay mummy. Will you be coming?.” Little Amanda asked.

“No my darling, not today but you’ll go with grandma and your aunty Favour.” She told her.

“Aunty Favour? And grandma? Oh I am glad but sad.” She says.

“Why sad my love?.” Wondered Juliet.

“That you’re not coming to church with me today, even daddy isn’t coming with me?.” Little Amanda said sadly.

“My love, you know your father went to work with your uncle and I have to prepare a meal before they come back okay?.” She smiles.

“I understand mummy, one day I will make you guys proud when I become a lawyer.” Said Little Amanda.


Jidenna wake up with trembling hands as he has the same dream again.

“Why do I keep having this dreams.” He sighs calmly.

He is confused, the girl who he is running with, he wondered who she was.

He looks round his room and stares at the wall clock, it is too early so he goes back to sleep.


Morning. 8:30am.

He wakes up again and quickly got out of bed.

He quickly brushed his teeth and took his bath then picks up his phone and dials Victor’s number.

“Hey man.” he speaks immediately Victor answered.

“JD what’s up guy?.” Victor said.

“Am good, you home?.” He asks.

“Nope, am at work.” He says.

“I was thinking we could talk,”

“Is it about Favour? I’ve already apologize to her for what I said.”

“It isn’t about Favour, it’s about me.”

“You? Are you okay? Are you sick?.”

“Am fine just that am…”

“You’re what man? Talk to me?.”

“You know what, am coming over okay.”

“Alright, be expecting you bro.”

He disconnected the call and sighs.


“Amanda wake up.” A voice to her who is sleeping.

Amanda opened her eyes and look at the person that is with her.

She sees it’s mama and that she had slept the previous night with mama in her room.

“Mama, you sure wake up early every time.” She laughs slightly.

“Don’t mind me my dear, even though I am now old, I still keep to time. Am even surprised you are still sleeping by now, you remember when you were three years old, you would be the one to wake your parents up so they could get you ready for school.” Mama said.

“I know mama, but I was too tired, I went through so many things yesterday.” She says as she yawns while covering her mouth with her hand.

“I understand my dear, but we need to talk.” Mama urgently said.

“About what granny?.” She asks wondering what possibly mama wanted to talk to her about.

“What do you in the city?.”

She laughs a little before she apologize to mama as she sees mama is serious.

“Well, granny. Am a lawyer.” She answered.

“So you went to work on a case then and that’s what got you tired.”

“Yes mama, I was working on a case and that’s why I left that morning.”

“Thank God you have fulfilled your dreams, I remember when you told me that you would want to be a lawyer to help your loved ones when they need it, I wish your father was here to see you now. He would have been so proud of what you’ve become.”mama cries.

“Mama, stop crying.

Am sure wherever he is, he is happy with us.” She tries to console her as she e sat up and draw her in an embrace.

“I hope so too. Why did death take him away from us, it should have taken me instead.” Mama sobs.

“Mama, don’t say that. Everything happens for a reason okay so don’t worry about anything. As long as I am here, I will make sure you are always happy. So please smile for me or I will join you to cry.” She playfully said.

“There would be no need for that my dear, look I have stopped crying.” Mama said immediately.

“That is better, am glad.”

“Okay, but what about your mother? What happened to her? Where is she?.”

Amanda’s countenance changed immediately mama mentioned her mother. . .

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