Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E70 (Story Episode)

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Ambrose was now inside Presh car when he remembered that he should return the car that she must be very worried that something bad must have happened to him.

He called Cynthia and told her that his coming back that he wants to return the car.

Ambrose drove the car straight to school, he reached the school gate and saw the Viqueens parading around the school as if they were authorized by the Government.
He horned for the gateman who quickly opened the Gate for him to drive in. 2 Viqueens came to where he parked the car and ordered him to come out which he did.

Girl1: Who are you?

Ambrose was about to answer them when he saw Presh and some of her girls coming to their direction and Ambrose smiled

Girl2: Wetin the make this one smile?

Presh and her girls got close and they saw is Ambrose, Presh ran as fast as her legs can carry her, she reached where Ambrose was and jumped on him while Ambrose held her tight to himself, she was crying in his arms. Other girls were surprised at this act. The Viqueens quickly left and return to the gate.

Ambrose disengaged from Presh.

Presh: Where have you been? What happened to you? You kept me in suspense

Ambrose: Don’t worry dear, am back now.

Presh dragged Ambrose along with her and they headed straight to her Hostel.

She got infront of the Female Hostel and wanted to drag him inside.

Ambrose: No oo,, this is female hostel, we guys aren’t allowed nah

Presh: Not while your with me
She forcefully dragged him inside, they got to her room and she asked him to sit on her bed, Ambrose sat down while she opened her drawer and brought out a takeaway that she bought earlier for herself. She was giving it to Ambrose and he refused, she persisted and Ambrose took it from her.

They were still gisting when Cynthia appeared beside Ambrose but Presh was unable to see her but Ambrose did.

Cynthia: Lover boy we only have 5 Days to clear all this girls and you are here eating with one of them.

Ambrose didt respond to her, he didt even look at the direction she was standing.

Cynthia: Am talking to you (she shouted at him)
Ambrose brought out his phone and started playing music on it.

Ambrose: Do you have an ear-piece?

Presh: Yes sure

She searched within her bag and brought it out, she handed it over to him while he plugged it on the phone and Cynthia was just standing there looking at them.

Ambrose: I want to show you a sweet music

Presh: Wow Ok dear
Ambrose gave her the ear-piece to put on, he made sure that the Volume of the music was loud on the ear-piece. She was now listening to a music on the ear-piece when Ambrose now started talking to Cynthia without looking at her.
Ambrose: Babe wetin you been the talk?

Cynthia: We still have a lot of work to do

Ambrose: What did you mean by we have only 5 days?

Cynthia: I called the VC and he said that the Federal Govt. Gave them 5 days to abort all the cultists here in this school or else, this school will be closed down.

Ambrose: Ok, Bye, you can go now

Cynthia hissed loudly before she disappeared.

Ambrose later unplugged the ear-piece from his phone and told Presh that he wants to go and refresh now, she wasn’t ok with it but she later allowed him to go.

Ambrose got outside the Female Hostel, some where looking at him somehow cause they saw him with Presh earlier but he never mind, he walked over to the male Hostel, he didt see his Roomies when he got there. He relaxed on the bed and slept off.
Gallant and Sparkling with some of their girls were unconscious after Cynthia dealt with them seriously.

Gallant was the first to wake up, she woke up very tired and with some headache, she woke others up.

Sparkling: Aah, my head aches

Gallant: Same with mine

Girl1: Is she gone?

Gallant: I think so, we don’t have much time now

Sparkling: What do you think we should do now

Gallant: Am going to call The Vikings Carpon and inform him about Cynthia’s Return.

She took her phone and dialed the Vi Carpon Line, he picked it at once.

Vi Carpon: Where are you?

Gallant: In my lodge

Vi Carpon: Need to see you and the girls now, something came up

Gallant: I was about to tell you that Cynthia is alive

Vi Carpon: Yes I know and the information reaching me now is that she collided with the Dark Angels to wipe us out.

Gallant: That isn’t possible

Vi Carpon: I thought as much not until our Weapon house was bombed

Gallant: What? We are doomed

Vi Carpon: Not to worry, I have called our Boss and he said that we will be equipped with much more weapons this Evening.

Gallant: Ok, Am coming over with my girls now, we are sort of tired right now cause Cynthia really dealt with us.
Vi Carpon: Ok be fast lets plan fast

Gallant: Ok

The Call was ended while Gallant and co stood up and started heading to see the Vi Carpon in his Lodge.

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