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The Angels were preparing to go and attack some of the Staffs and Lecturers that didt pay up to 60%. They were still reloading their guns when Ambrose appeared somewhere around the kitchen of the Lodge they were loading their guns, Ambrose transformed to their Carpon and walked into the sitting room where They were loading their guns. They were surprised to see their Carpon (Not knowing is Ambrose)

Guy1: Boss, you been dey inside?

An Carpon: Yes, so hope you guys are ready?

Guy2: Almost ready boss

An Carpon: Ok Good, but we won’t attack them now

Guy3: But boss why?

An Carpon: We roll over to the Vikings cause from the information I got, is that they are planning in attacking us this evening when most of us have gone out to attack the Lecturers and Staffs.

Guy4: I said it

At that instance Trinity came in, he saw their Carpon and was surprised.

Trinity: Boss na here you dey? Your line no the go

An Carpon: Yes, you can come in, I was telling them something before you came.

Trinity came in and sat down at the space created for him. Their carpon(Ambrose)Explained their new plan to them and they agreed.

Cynthia was sitting at one Uncompleted Building waiting for Ambrose to come back. She was thinking why he asked her to remain there and wait for him. She was still deep in her thought when Ambrose appeared.

Cynthia: Hey, Ambrose you kept me waiting.

Ambrose: Sorry about that

Cynthia: So where did you go to?

Ambrose: To the Dark Angels

Cynthia: Oh No, but that wasn’t our plan

Ambrose: Yea, I came up with another great plan

Cynthia: Hmm, ok am all ears

Ambrose: Me and you know that it will be very difficult to bring all of them down considering the fact that they have hosts and Spiritual Guardians. So I came up with a plan to turn the 2 Fraternity against themselves, In that way, we will strike them unawares.

Cynthia: The Plan is great, but how can we achieve that?
Ambrose just smiled, he stepped forward towards Cynthia and he transformed to The An Carpon.

Cynthia was surprised and amazed too, Ambrose turned back to Gallant. Cynthia frowned on seeing gallant image and Ambrose just smiled and turned back to himself.

Ambrose: I know you don’t like that girl

Cynthia: And that’s why you turned to her

Ambrose: No oo (burst out laughing)

Cynthia: Is not funny
Ambrose: To you nah and not me

Cynthia: Whatever, so how did you get to turn to Them

Ambrose: Is just concentration

Cynthia: Ok oo

Ambrose: Won’t you ask me to teach you

Cynthia: Ok teach me

Ambrose: No oo (forming) Beg me

Cynthia: Look at this one, I won’t beg you.

Ambrose: Stay nah

Cynthia: I don stay already ni

Ambrose: Just know you have a great role to play here oo

Cynthia: Which is?

Ambrose drew closer to her and started telling her his plan.
Cynthia placed the VC on call with a new line since she can’t open herself to the public yet for reason best known to her.

The Vice saw an Unknown caller, he wanted to ignore it but on a second thought, he picked the call.

VC: Who is this?

Cynthia: Sir, Is me Cynthia

VC: Oh, yes, how are you? Where are you now?

Cynthia: Don’t worry sir, am safe

VC: I really need to see you

Cynthia: Not now Sir, but what happened?

VC: The Federal Government wants to take drastic action against this school and it won’t favour anyone.

Cynthia: haaa! This sounds bad

VC: Yes, they only gave us 5 days to abort all this Cultists in this school or this school will be closed down. And you know what that means.

Cynthia: Ok sir, 5 day?

VC: Yes

Cynthia: Ok, am on it, but I want you to do something for me

VC: What is it?
Gallant and Sparkling were arranging their girls to attack the school again when Cynthia appeared at their midst.

Sparkling: What?

Gallant: But but?

Cynthia: You thought am dead?

Sparkling: Is impossible
They were about to raise their guns and shoot at her when she used her power to collect All their guns from them and it broke into pieces.

One of the girls made to run while the door shut close at once.

Cynthia: No one is going out until am done what I came here for.
Ambrose appeared at the Vikings Territory, he sneaked towards where their weapons were kept and set a time bomb on it.

He disappeared out of the place and appeared somewhere close to the territory and pressed the red button of the bomb remote while the place where the Vikings keep their weapons exploded.

The Vi Carpon were discussing with top executive of their Cult when they heard the explosion, one of their members ran inside.

Thunder: Wetin the happen?

Guy: Na na na our weapon house oo

Thunder: Did what?

Guy: It has been exploded.

The Vi Carpon quickly stood up and they all ran to the weapon house and found out everywhere is now dust.

Vi Carpon: Who Must have done this?

Guy: Boss, I overheard one of the Dark Angels saying to one girl that they will attack us very soon, that’s why They bombed here
Vi Carpon laughs before making a call.

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