Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E68 (Story Episode)

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The Boy that was carrying Cynthia has managed to escape the Police check point.

As the Boy was about to turn the car around a policeman asked him to whine down and he hesitated before doing that. The policeman looked round the driver sit before he started looking at the passenger sit but didt see anything meanwhile the guy was really scared cause he thought that the policeman must have seen the Lifeless Body of Cynthia.

The Policeman asked him to go and he kicked up the engine and was about to drive away when another policeman stopped him.

Policeman: My spirit the tell me say you carry something for this car

Guy: But the other policeman don check me and im no see anything nah

Policeman: Wait let me see

Guy: Ok

The Policeman opened the back door and looked at the sits very well before he closed it and opened the butt and checked it but didt see anything, he opened the driver sit and looked at it very well but didt see anything, he closed the door and asked the guy to go and the Guy heart came down from rising as he drove out from the checkpoint and was cursing the policeman in his mind.

The Guy finally got to the address after so many hours of driving, he check Cynthia palm but the writing has already changed to “Take me inside”, The Guy was frightened but he man up as he carried her out from the car and started walking through the narrow path until he got to where a house was built, it was the only house around that area as a whole and the house was fully decorated and furnished. He got close to the doorstep and knocked on the door but the door paved way with a heavy wind that accompanied it. The Guy took Cynthia inside and he looked round the house but didt see anyone, he dropped Cynthia on the couch. He turned back and saw a woman.

Woman: You are welcome my Son

Guy: Ermm, am sorry for coming here, I just followed…….(She cut her short)

Woman: Don’t worry About that, I knew you were coming with her as I have predicted long time ago.

Guy: How?

Woman: You won’t Understand now, just bring her along. (she said and started walking inside the house)

The Guy quickly grabbed Cynthia and placed her on his Shoulder as he trailed The Woman from behind.

They got to one big room, it was somehow dark cause they was just one source of light that was shining at the center of the room. The Woman asked the guy to drop Cynthia at the center of the room, He did as she instructed, She asked him to sit beside her and he did, She also sat beside her.

Guy: Is she dead?

Woman: She’s not dead

Guy: Thank God

Woman: Her spirit is here with us

Guy: Haaa! Where? Which side?

Woman: Beside you, but don’t be frightened, she’s harmless.

Guy: Am not scared of her cause she has saved me once and even many others, she can’t harm the innocent.

Woman: Wow, that’s good.

Guy: But how can we help her?

Woman: Is you that will

Guy: Me how?

Woman: I will explain later, we have no time as her time is running, is only remaining 10minutes before he spirit will descend. Hold my hand and close your eyes.

The Guy quickly held her hand and they closed their eyes.
The whole room started shining different types of Light with many colours, within 5 minutes, Cynthia body started getting hot, sweat started running down her whole body. Within 7 Minutes her wound closed up. Within 9 Minutes she started breathing once again.

The Woman quickly released The Guy hand as both of them started breathing very fast as if they ran a race for hours. Cynthia flew on the air without her body touching the ground, She flew back to the ground immediately her legs touched the floor she opened her eyes. She collapsed and the Guy brought her up and she sat down.

Cynthia: Who is he?

Woman: You were following him all this while?

Cynthia: Yes, He was the only I can think of since none of my friend is around

Woman: None of them would have helped is only Him.

Guy: But why me?

Woman: Cynthia remember when your Friend Tracy brought you here, I told you I won’t review anything for you till you are complete

Cynthia: Yes, am I not still complete?

Woman: You are now, with him! (she pointed to the guy)

Guy: See, you all are confusing me, Am totally lost here, but wait oo,, come to think of it, you were following me all this while?

Cynthia: Hmm yes

Guy: Why me? Didt you see anyone else and more over what happened at the checkpoint

Cynthia: well, I had to make my Body Invisible for the Police not to see it if not, I wouldn’t have been raised to life.

Guy: Hmm, Ok, I think I have to go now, am even exhausted and hungry.

Woman: You still have a great job with her.

Guy: Me?

Woman: Yes.

Cynthia: But why?

Woman: You both are one
Cynthia quickly turned towards the guy.

Cynthia: Who are you? What’s your name?

Guy: My name is AMBROSE

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