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He sat behind his desk, rayed back in a huge chair, frowning at his daughter.

“We can’t risk that,” he responded firmly. “You said Ryan wasn’t willing to kill her. And if Ryan is still watching over her not even our best men can stand a chance against him.” He shuddered.

Gretchen frowned. She knew Ryan’s name struck fear in the heart of every mobster and crime lord in the city, but still she needed this done.

“You’ll do it quickly. No one will even know you’re coming.”
He shook his head.

“No,” he said, finality in his voice. “If you want the girl gone, do it yourself.”

“Fine,” she snapped, stamping out of the room and slamming the door behind her.
Time for Plan B.


Thanksgiving was a bit awkward. After their talk in the kitchen, my dad actually seemed to like Liam. It was amazing how he’d won the hearts of my family in one day.
However our parents meeting was awkward, for me at least. But I had no need to be worried, our parents got along wonderfully.

Some of Liam’s good friends from work were here, including Lucas. He and my brother found it amusing that they shared the same name. Levi, Martia and Kayleen were here. The man Jacques I had met so long ago was here. Even Simon and Kate were here.

Kate seemed to be in a sour mood though and she kept frowning at me.

I ignored her. I wasn’t going to acknowledge her petty shit on Thanksgiving.

We ate and we laughed. The kids played as we talked and joked around. Then we ate desert and drank champagne.
Liam kept a tight grip on my waist the entire time.

I could get used to this, I thought to myself, sipping on champagne and looking up at his handsome face.

Gretchen was there too. Levi was tense and Martia kept staring at her, waiting for her to make one wrong move. Even Chauncey looked ready to pounce at a moment’s warning, sort of shielding his pregnant wife and looking anxious.

But Gretchen was well behaved. She smiled and laughed at every joke. For those who didn’t know about her murderous side, she seemed charming.

Liam was tense when she walked past us. His grip on my waist became even tighter, his posture was protective.

However she walked by, looking at me smugly.

Why does she look so smug? I wondered.

But she was gone just as quickly as she came.


Kate had excused herself to go to the bathroom. If she had to see Yvonne and Liam be all lovey dovey one more time she was gonna puke.

She walked down the huge hallway. Liam’s mom said at the end of the hall to the left.
This house was f-----g huge. Yvonne didn’t deserve Liam. She didn’t deserve a man so handsome and rich.

She deserved to have that taken from her.

She heard the soft clacking of high heels behind her and she turned around.

It was the girl she’d bumped into earlier. The one with the perfect brunette tresses and the flawless skin with amazing cheekbones.

And she was looking right at Kate, her gaze was knowing. It was like she knew exactly what Kate was thinking.

“I can help you get what you want,” the woman spoke softly, smiling.

“And what’s that?” she challenged, raising her eyebrows and placing her hands on her hips.

“Watching Yvonne crumble before you,” the woman said. “My name is Gretchen and Yvonne took Liam from me. And now she must pay. But I need your help. I know you hate her, too. Aren’t you tired of her always getting what she wants?”

Kate grinned at the woman and nodded.

“What did you have in mind?”

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