Mr. Billionaire - S01 E39 (Story Episode)

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But it didn’t hurt anymore. I could think about it without flinching. Liam’s hand in mine made me feel superhuman.
I took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

A few seconds later, my mother stood at the door. She was 5’5” with dark hair that caressed her collarbone and skin like brown sugar.

She flashed a huge smile and reached out to hug me tightly.
“Yvonne, I missed you,” she breathed.

“I’ve missed you too, mom.” I smiled slightly.

My mom let me go and then looked over my shoulder.
I looked back and saw Liam standing behind me, waiting patiently.

“Oh and mom, this is my boyfriend Liam Hawke. Liam, this is my mom.”

My mom stuck out her hand and Liam took it.

“Well, it’s nice to finally meet you, Liam.”

Liam looked at me and winked before he kissed the back of my mother’s hand. She looked taken aback.

“The pleasure is all mine Mrs. Michaels. I see now where Yvonne gets her looks.”
My mom was grinning so widely it was a wonder how her face didn’t crack.

“Please, call me Marcine. Come in. Lucas and Frank are waiting inside.”

We went inside and hung our coats up. I saw Lucas as soon as I stepped inside. He was slouched against the wall, looking very bored with his mouth turned down at the corners.

“Lucas!” I cried, jumping into his arms.

He sighed and patted me on the back. Some would’ve thought of it as cold, but this was actually his way of saying he was glad to see me too.
“Lucas, this is Liam. My boyfriend. Liam, this is my brother Lucas.”

“Lucas Michaels,” Liam said, grinning. “The mastermind behind the new Call of Duty game coming out next fall.”
Lucas perked up, looking impressed.

“You know about that?” Lucas asked.

“Hell yeah. Hawke Corp has been funding for the game. They said the engineer of the game really knew what he was doing. When I took a look at your work, I was very impressed.”

Lucas grinned—I mean he actually
grinned — and said, “Thanks, man.”
And then my dad rounded the corner. The tall, former military general stood at 6’5” packed with muscles of steel.
“Daddy!” I crowed, flinging myself into his arms.

He hugged me tightly, murmuring how he was glad I was finally home.

When I let him go, his eyes shifted to Liam. They narrowed and he walked toward Liam, who surprisingly didn’t flinch.
“So, you’re Liam Hawke.”
Liam nodded, his smile never wavering. I, however, was cringing internally the entire time.

“Follow me, Liam.”
And then my dad led Liam into the kitchen for a talk I had no doubt would be intimidating.


Gretchen had her lower lip stuck out in a pout, her eyes wide and pleading.

“ Please, Daddy?” she begged the older man sitting in front of her.

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