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After we were off the carriage and walking away I heard the man murmur, “True love, it gets me every time.”

It was dark as we walked to the front door. I pondered the man’s murmur. Did it really look like Liam and I were in love? Maybe Liam was too good an actor. I mean we were just pretending.

Weren’t we?

I mean, it’s true that my heart reacted wildly whenever he smiled or touched me, but what girl’s heart wouldn’t overreact? Liam was all different kinds of handsome. If you looked up the definition of sexy, Liam’s picture would pop up. So just because my heart raced whenever he was near didn’t mean I wanted to be with him. Did it?

“Did you enjoy it?” Liam asked suddenly, looking at me.

“Huh?” I blinked, snapping out of my thoughts.

“The carriage ride, did you enjoy it?” He chuckled.

“Oh, yeah.” I grinned at him. “It was very nice of you to do that for me. Thank you.”

His cheeks turned pink again. He said nothing as he opened the door and we stepped inside.

We began walking to the room we now shared before Liam stopped me by catching my wrist.

I looked at him and saw he looked oddly nervous.
“Um…I wondered if we could stay in my room tonight.” His voice had a veiled shyness to it.
I was shocked. From all the stories I’d heard about Liam, he never allowed the women he had flings with into his room. He would take them to another room in the house, but never his room.

So for him to ask me to share his room with him…it was major.
I nodded and Liam looked relieved.

He led me all the way past all the rooms and up three flights of stairs. We ended up at a room with big wooden double doors which was located in a different wing from all the other rooms.

He pushed open the giant doors and revealed a room way larger than the one I was staying in. It was pretty much a house.

I gaped at the room as Liam closed the door behind us.
“Your room is huge,” I gasped.
Liam chuckled and I jumped a little in surprise. I hadn’t expected for him to be so close.

I took off the scarf he had given me and handed it to him. Then I took off my jacket and slung it across the back of the comfy chair sitting in his room.

“I’m just gonna take a shower,” I said to him, inching out of the room.

I walked to the room I stayed in before and grabbed a few necessities before I went to take my shower.


After my shower, I opened the door to Liam’s room and slipped inside.

The room was dark except for the window which was open. The window stretched from one corner of the wall all the way to the other corner of the wall. The city lights were visible and just beyond that was a balcony.
Climbing all those d--n stairs was worth this view.

Liam was standing there, staring out the window. Little droplets of water were falling from his blonde hair.

He turned and smiled at me, running a hand through his wet hair.
He looked at my legs—no he stared at them. I then realized how short my shorts were. But the way he was looking at me sent my pulse slamming against chest and jackhammering against my neck.

I swallowed, but played it cool, walking to stand beside him and looking out the window.
“You have the best view in town,” I said softly, gazing at the gorgeous scenery before me.
“Yeah, I do,” he responded, looking right at me. His gaze was so intense.

I swallowed again, trying hard to ignore the warmth building in my stomach.

“You know, I’ve heard Liam Hawke doesn’t allow women into his room,” I began, changing the subject.
“No, I usually don’t,” he answered.

“So what made you decide to invite me in here?”

He was quiet for a moment as he pondered my question.
“You’re not…like the other women,” he said slowly. “The other women I’ve been with I just used them. They held no true appeal to me. But you… ”
He chuckled softly, shaking his head while my heart throbbed.
“You’re so d--n feisty and aggravating. And you won’t let me have sex with you which obviously makes me want you more. I mean, I only kissed you once, but that one time was enough for me to know I wanted more.”

I felt like my body was on fire and Liam Hawke was the cause of it.

“You know I tried to deny it for a long time. But the simple fact is,”—he took in a big gust of air before letting it go slowly—“I like you, Yvonne. I like you a lot. And I don’t want what we have to be fake anymore. I want it to be real.”

He came closer, resting his hand on my arm and using his thumb to trace patterns there.
“I want,” he whispered as his lips got closer. “I want to be with you. Just tell me you want that too.”

Did I really want that? I mean was I ready to trust a man again? Could I?

But instead of telling him that I whispered what I truly wanted.
“Yes, I want that, too” I whispered.

His lips quickly crashed down on mine. They moved against mine urgently and I could tell he had wanted to do this for a long time. My heart was beating in a jagged rhythm and when I placed my hand on his chest, I felt that his heart was pounding just like mine.
When his lips released mine, he placed his forehead against mine.

“Finally,” he whispered.

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