Mr. Billionaire - S01 E35 (Story Episode)

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She was angry. So angry her cheeks were flushed pink.
“Well good for you, then,” she snapped, frowning at her burger.

I grinned. Everything was going along wonderfully.


When I got back to the Hawke residence, Liam was waiting outside. He was wrapped up in his favorite black Versace coat and the matching black Versace scarf.

It was strange how I knew these things were his favorite. It was almost like were were really together.

I shook that thought off as I walked toward him, smiling like my heart wasn’t bruising my chest with every labored beat.
“What are you doing out here?” I asked, crossing my arms over my chest for warmth. I missed summer.

“Well, I have the rest of the day off. And I figured, what better to do with my day off than spend it with you.” He smiled angelically.

I was shocked and I just gaped at him, surprised.

He grinned, then he took off his scarf and wrapped it around my neck. And suddenly, I wasn’t cold anymore.

He held out his arm and I took it. He led me to a white carriage, pulled by four white horses who stood proudly.

A man wearing a top hat and a suit that reminded me of something from the 1840’s grinned at me warmly.

I looked at Liam in shock.
“What is all this?” I asked him.
“Last night, before we went to sleep I asked you what was something you always wanted to do. And you said you always wanted a carriage ride. And so I got this for you.”

I was shocked yet again. I remember telling him last night before I drifted off into sleep, but I didn’t think he would actually do something like this for me.

It was sweet.

“I didn’t think you were actually paying attention.” I giggled.
“I pay attention to everything you say.” He said softly.

I looked at him closely. He was swallowing hard and his cheeks were pink.

Was Liam Hawke—the biggest ladies man on the planet— actually blushing?

“Okay, let’s get you on the carriage, then,” Liam said quickly, looking awkward.

The man dressed in the old clothing held out his hand and helped me up. I sat down and Liam followed. Very clumsily. He fell down in the seat beside me, then cursed silently.

I giggled again. I’d never seen him this clumsy or this…human before. It was actually endearing.

Liam sat close by me and spread a thick, warm blanket across our laps.

The man looked at us and smiled.

“Cozy?” he asked.
I nodded and smiled back.
As we rode by all the mansions—some which were already decorated for Christmas — Liam’s hand found mine. His hand was big and warm and it sent butterflies swarming in my stomach.

We were silent the entire ride. I enjoyed the scenery.

After the ride, the guy turned around and smiled at us.
“Hope you lovebirds enjoyed the ride.”
Liam nodded.

“Thank you.” I smiled.

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