Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E64 (Story Episode)

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Cynthia went into the room, she removed the cloths she was putting on and wore a black and black cloth, and re a black Cloth round her head, she opened the drawer that she do keep her guns and took 2 pistol and put it inside the Black Trousers she was putting on, She took 2 AK-47 and reloaded it. She carried the 2 AK-47 in her both hands.

She took a deep breathe before she disappeared.

Gallant and Sparkling were still at the Slaughtering ground waiting for Cynthia to arrive.

Sparkling: Where is this girl nah
Gallant: Don’t worry, she will come, I know her very well.

Sparkling was about to utter another word when Cynthia appeared.

Gallant: Wow, finally, I knew you will keep to your words.

Sparkling: Hmm, so you actually came prepared.

Cynthia: Where is my girls

Gallant: I don’t need to answer that, Show us what you got.

Cynthia: You won’t like it

Sparkling: Cut that bullshit and show us what you got.

Cynthia pointed one of the Ak-47 at Sparkling leg and fired at it but the bullet bounced on the leg and fell down. Cynthia looked surprised.

Gallant: Oh, you are surprised.

Sparkling: Hahaha, You think you are the only one that knows black Magic

Gallant clapped her hands and their girls came out from their hiding place and pointed their gun at Cynthia, and the red rope are on each of the girls gun.

Gallant: Fire!!! (she commanded them)

They started shooting Cynthia, although the bullets were bouncing back but it was really having a great effect on her, Cynthia started firing back at them with the 2 AK-47, but the bullets were not penetrating any of the girls. Cynthia tried to disappear but it was impossible for her as more bullets hit her. Smoke started oozing out from her body, She used her last strength and disappeared.

Sparkling: This is impossible

Gallant: She shouldn’t have disappeared.

They were still looking at the spot she disappeared when 2 of the girls fell down and started coughing out blood.

Sparkling: Not again.

Gallant: Girls come together

All the girls came together but before then 6 more girls have fell down and coughing out blood too.

Gallant: Show yourself coward.
3 more girls fell down and started coughing blood.

Sparkling: Show yourself animal.

Cynthia: I will get back to you girls later. (her voice echoed)

The Viqueens waited for a while before Gallant spoke up.

Gallant: She’s gone for now

Sparkling: We should have told the baba about her invisibility. Atleast he would have told us what to do.

Gallant: Your right, Lets start going now.

They all went out from the slaughtering ground and started their Journey to Ichieke.

Cynthia appeared at the Dark Angel Carpon apartment. The Carpon were there with Carpon Succy and many others.

Immediately they saw Cynthia they pointed their guns at her. Cynthia looked at the guns very well to see if they had the same red ropes on it but she was Glad she didt.

An Carpon: So what do you want?

Cynthia: My girls

Ca Succy: And who told you she’s in our position.

Cynthia: You guys are the bad egg in this school and such thing will be blamed on you guys.

Trinity: Cynthia, I will advise you to leave here now

Cynthia: Come and take me out.

Danger: Don’t even ask for what you can’t handle.

Cynthia: At the count of 5, tell me were they are. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Immediately the Angels started shooting at her but the bullets were useless cause it didt penetrate her or torment her like the way Gallant and her girls guns did.

Cynthia: Stop wasting your bullets and tell me where they are.

Danger: Shut up

They continued shooting at her, she started shooting back but at her leg, Apart from The 2 Carpon, Danger, Trinity and 2 other Angel Girls, the bullet from Cynthia Penetrated other guys and girls there. They all fell down as Cynthia shot at their legs.

Cynthia: Oh, Odiechi is now everywhere.

Trinity: I will surely kill you myself.

Cynthia: Let me show you guys what you don’t know. (she disappeared)

They were all looking round to see if they will see her when Danger disappeared but appeared 5 seconds later with wounds. Trinity also disappeared and appeared with wounds also.

Cynthia: I will be back (her voice echoed)

The Angels and Dark Angels were visibly scared on what just happened.

Cynthia appeared at the Angels Boss Mansion.

Boss: I have been waiting for you Kid.

Cynthia: Where are my girls

Boss: Shut up and show me what you got.

Cynthia shot his leg but the bullet didt penetrate.

The Boss Laughed and disappeared, Cynthia also disappeared. Cynthia appeared feeling very tired while the Boss appeared before her pointed a sharp blade at her.

Cynthia looked at the blade and it was strange for her and it was draining her powers from her, she was crawling slowly when the Boss grabbed her and stabbed her with the blade and it penetrated her.

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