Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E63 (Story Episode)

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The Vice Chancellor and Other Lecturers heard what has happened to the Anti-cult, The Lecturers became scared cause they know that if the Cult people succeed in taking down the Anti-cult that They will be their Next target.

The Vice Chancellor calmed them down as he took his phone and called Cynthia on phone, she picked the call at the second ring.

VC: Hello Cynthia

Cynthia: Hello sir

VC: What am I hearing? That your girls are nowhere to be found?

Cynthia: Yes sir

VC: Who must have done this?

Cynthia: I don’t really know sir

VC: Take things easy, I will call for help to help and Guard you

Cynthia: Don’t worry sir, I will take Good care of

VC: Another thing is that the Lecturers and Staffs are really scared cause they know if you girls are successfully brought down that the Cult guys will come for them.

Cynthia: Tell them never to worry, we will carry on with the plans

VC: Then what about your team?

Cynthia: Don’t worry, I will take good care of things

VC: Ok, inform me when ever you need anything at all.

Cynthia: Ok, Thank you sir
The VC ended the call.
Gallant and Sparkling were discussing in Gallant Lodge when Cynthia appeared at their midst.

Gallant: Don’t you have respect?

Sparkling: Can you just imagine, coming inside this place without a single respect

Cynthia: Am not here for all this trash you bitchs, just listen both of you, I give you girls 5 Hours to release those my girls else

Sparkling: Else what?

Cynthia: You will greet your mother in the grave
She was about to disappear when Gallant pointed the gun that has the red rope on it, she shot at Cynthia but Cynthia disappeared together with the bullet that hit her arm.

Gallant: Shit!

Sparkling: We didt prepare for this

Gallant: Don’t worry, she said 5 hours, we will be waiting for her
Sparkling: Let me inform other girls that has the red rope as well

Gallant: That will be good, we will join forces.

Sparkling: But we won’t do it here, we must go back to our slaughtering ground

Gallant: You have an idea, she will locate us there and then we will aim at her.

Sparkling: Yes

Sparkling took her phone and called their girls to assemble at the Slaughtering ground immediately. She ended the call as she and Gallant started preparing.
Cynthia appeared in the Dark Angel Mansion and by now their boss is there already.

Boss: Hey girl welcome, come and sit down lets have a drink

Cynthia: Cut the crap, am not here for merriment

Boss: Oh, what brought you here

Cynthia: Where are my girls?

Boss: I don’t know, even if I do, Do you think I will tell you?

Cynthia: Don’t price what you can’t buy

Boss: Shut up girl, do you think am all those small children you torment with small magic (he was visibly angry)

Cynthia: I just give you 5 hours to release my girls

Boss: I will be waiting
Cynthia hissed angrily and disappeared.

The Boss sat back down on his chair and took a glass of wine he was drinking and continued drinking.

Dark Angel Carpon was strolling with Thunder and Trinity when Cynthia appeared infront of them.

Danger: hey! Wetin you the find here

Cynthia: Shut

Trinity: Cynthia don’t you have regard at all

Cynthia: Hey you (pointed to the Carpon) I give you 5 Hours to return my girls, else (she disappeared)

Trinity: This girl just the mad o

Danger: I guess is time we deal with her

Vi Carpon: Hmm, Well, lets be waiting for her in the next 5 hours as she said.

A call came through the Carpon phone, he looked at it and saw is Succy. He picked the call at once.

An Carpon: Hi babe

Succy: There is trouble

An Carpon: What’s it?

Succy: Cynthia appeared to me asking of her girls, she gave me 5 hours to release her girls and I don’t know anything about her girls either.

An Carpon: Are you scared?

Succy: No, am not

An Carpon: Then meet me at my place now, gather some of you girls and come.

Succy: Ok

The call was ended.

Trinity: What happened

An Carpon: Cynthia also warned our girls.

Danger: We should do something about this.

An Carpon: Yes I know, that’s why I asked her to come over with some of her girls

Trinity: That’s good,

An Carpon: Lets go

They walked back to the Carpon Lodge.


Cynthia drove Tracy car to go and see Ogeri but she was not at home, she asked her neighbors about Ogeri and she was informed that she has died, Cynthia was heartbroken. She asked for where she was buried but they told her that her body was taken by the marine world.

Cynthia went to the River of the Marine Kingdom and called on them but nothing happened, she cried and cried nothing still happened, she then went back into the car and drove back to school. She got to the school premises and came down from the car, All eyes was on her as she walked inside her Hostel and dropped her bag, she checked her time and noticed 5 Hours that she gave them has reached.

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