Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E62 (Story Episode)

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Cynthia got outside the VC office, she walked down the school kiosk to get something to eat, she was still eating when she noticed some guys at far distance pretending to be discussing, she read one of the guys mind and knew their were from the Dark Angels. Cynthia finished with the thing she was eating, she bought Niltru Milk, she was sipping it and also going back to the Hostel when the Guys started trailing her from behind. She noticed this and changed direction, she started walking towards an Abandoned Building far from the school premises. The guys trailed her from behind till they got to the Abandoned Building but couldn’t sight Cynthia again.

Guy1: Chai we don loose am

Guy2: But we were trailing her closely

Guy3: Maybe she saw us, but what is she even doing here

Guy1: She’s even making our work Easier.

Cynthia: Are you sure? (she appeared at one side of the Building still sipping from her Niltru Milk.

The Guys quickly brought out the machete they were with and rushed towards her, they used it on her but it bounced back and she disappeared and appeared in another place around the Building.

Cynthia: Hmm, so is no more Bullets is now Machetes, this is good. Nice Try
The guys became scared and ran for their Life.

Cynthia stirred at the location they were running to, she just turned away and went back to the Hostel.


Gallant and Sparkling went back to the Ichieke Village and still met the Herbalist.

Herbalist: My Daughters, your hearts are heavy, what’s wrong?

Gallant: Is it about one girl in my school called Cynthia, she has really dealt with me and other people. I want to kill her.

Herbalist: Hmm

The Herbalist started doing incantations and was praising the gods as well, he later stopped and faced Gallant and Sparkling.

Herbalist: What you seek is Difficult cause she has powers beyond your imaginations, but you still have hope.

Sparkling: Please tell us.

Herbalist: (did small incantation) She haven’t discovered how to use most of her powers cause she is still incomplete, you still have a small chance bringing her down.

Gallant: Thank you baba
Herbalist: Take this (he handed over a red ropes) tire it in your guns and that of your members, Aim it at her or any of her girls, It won’t kill them but it will neutralize their powers at the main time, then you can use a sharp blade to slice their throat.

Sparkling: Thank you baba

Herbalist: Remember, I said I sharp blade

Gallant: Ok baba, Thank you
They dropped a huge sum of money before the Herbalist before leaving the shrine back to their car and drove off.


2 Days Time
Cynthia just finished having meeting with the staff of the school together with the VC.
The Meeting went successful and Cynthia was cheered up by the board as she had a hand shake with almost all of them before she was lead out from the conference hall.

After everything, she went back to the Hostel but met the shock of her Life, she saw Students that has gathered round at the front door of her hostel, When the students saw her, they paved way for her as she walked into the Hostel while the school Security men didt allow anyone else to enter.

She got inside and saw blood stain everywhere. She started searching for her friends but she didt see any of them.

She was still searching for them when the Chief Security Officer of the school came in and called her attention.

Cynthia: Tell me what happened here

Security: Calm down

Cynthia: Calm down for what? Tell me what happened here!!! (she shouted this time with anger)

Security: Your friends were attacked this morning.

Cynthia: But I didt hear any gun shots

Security: Yes, they used a silent gun on them

Cynthia: Where is their body?

Security: We don’t know, when we got the information that here was under attack, we came here but Didt see any body.

Cynthia closed her eyes to search for them, she searched and searched but didt see any vision of where they are.

She opened her eyes while hot tears ran down her face.

Cynthia screamed in hot tears.


Angels Carpon Succy called for an Emergency meeting.

Ca Succy: What is this that am hearing

Vi Carpon: That the Anti-cult are missing except for Cynthia?

Ca Succy: Yes, can someone enlighten us on this

An Carpon: Am also speechless on this, hmm, this is serious, well is a good news after all.

Ca Succy: Yes but somehow I don’t feel things are alright, atleast we should know what happened

Gallant: Your right, but as the cause may be now, you can see we don’t know what happened too

Vi Carpon: What will should focus now is how to take down Cynthia as well, since is only her remaining.

An Carpon: Am also thinking the same thing, Now is the time we should join hands and bring her down.

They all agreed to join all Forces against Cynthia.

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