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Tracy came back from school, she went into their Hostel and saw Cynthia already fast asleep. She dropped her books before she went over to the couch that Cynthia was sleeping on and tapped her on the shoulder. Cynthia opened her eyes to see the person that is waking her up.

Cynthia: Oh babe, you are already back

Tracy: Yea, You left me nah

Cynthia: No vex, I was feeling very weak and tired.

Tracy: We wrote Quiz shaa

Cynthia: Haa, why you no call me nah?

Tracy: No worry, the Lecture, tell me say make I tell you make you no worry say your good work in the school is already paving ways for you.

Cynthia: Haa, Thank God oo

Tracy: You cook anything?

Cynthia: No oo,, I only warm that soup

Tracy: Am demn Hungry (she went into the Kitchen while Cynthia lay down again and slept off)
Tracy came back with the food, she placed it on the center table, she looked at Cynthia and smiled.

Tracy: Hmm, You can’t cheat Nature seriously

Cynthia: You no well (she voiced out while Tracy burst out Laughing)
The Leaders of the 2 Fraternity has gathered for a meeting which are the Vikings/Viqueens and the Black Angels/Angels.

Vi Carpon: So how far have we gone?

Danger: Not much, They are smart

An Carpon: That’s not a good reason, we must get those girls down

Trinity: Yea, When I attacked 2 of the Anti-cult with my 10 men, We almost got them but Cynthia their Leader appeared and disappeared with them

Gallant: I knew it, She’s their Power Box.

Carpon Succy: See guys, All we have to do is to break down their Power Box, then others are just useless.

Trinity: That’s good, your correct

Gallant: I don’t think that will be Possible

Danger: How?

Gallant: She has extra Ordinary power others don’t have, check out what she did to us the Vikings/Viqueens when we attacked the other girls, she just invisibly attacked us and now some of our members are in our warehouse motionless, not even dead nor breathing but their heart are pounding, is just a total mystery.

An Carpon: This is Huge but we will still find solution to it

Ca. Succy: I suggest we attack others when she’s not around

Trinity: Not that easy, cause Cynthia has the ability to disappear and Appear, and I believe she also reads locations too.

Vi Carpon: Location of her girls I guess.

Gallant: Yes you are right. But I have a plan.

An Carpon: Which is?

Gallant drew close to them and started narrating her plans to them.


Sparkling and Presh were still pretending to be reading together with the Guy when Presh stood up.

Presh: I will like to go and ease myself

Guy: Ok.

She left, within few Minutes Sparkling also excused herself that she wants to ease herself also.
Sparkling came out from the Lab and Met Presh.

Presh: And what took you so long to come out?

Sparkling: You don’t have respect, not withstanding that we joined hands to get the Anti-cult down doesn’t mean that you should be double crossing me

Presh: You are the one double crossing me and you know it, stay away from my Guy.

Sparkling: Do you know you are very stupid, someone that is not even your date

Presh: Neither yours

Sparkling: Hey! Watch your mouth

Presh: Stop mingling around him.

Sparkling: Shut up, you aren’t any match with me

Presh: Neither are you a match to me, so back off

Sparkling: Am only buying time before I seriously deal with you

Presh: Same with me.

Sparkling just stirred at her before she went into the Lab and Presh followed suit.


Cynthia went into the Vice Chancellor Office and he asked her to sit down and she did.

V Chancellor: You came without any notice

Cynthia: Yes sir, I only came cause is urgent

V Chancellor: No problem, so what’s it?

Cynthia: Is month End and soon Salaries will be paid, and I have made underground investigations and found out that the Lecturers and Staffs, especially the Junior ones give out their 40% Salaries to those Criminals.

V Chancellor: Hmm, Yes is true, I have tried to talk the Lecturers and Staff out about it but fear can’t let them stop cause 2 Lectures stopped paying up and was murdered after several warning.

Cynthia: This is bad.

V Chancellor: Yes it is

Cynthia: What about you?

V Chancellor: They won’t dare such with me

Cynthia: I want them to stop

V Chancellor: No, I can’t afford to lose any other Lecturer again

Cynthia: You won’t, I promise you that

V Chancellor: This is hard, well, we will be having meeting with the Lecturers and next tomorrow I will be having with the Staff so you will be present to address them on this.

Cynthia: Ok sir, it will be a pleasure sir

V Chancellor: Your welcome, your Salaries will be paid soon.

Cynthia: Thank you very much sir, I will be going now

V Chancellor: Ok, take care
Cynthia stood up from the chair and left the Office while the Vice Chancellor relaxed on his sit to think about what Cynthia just said to him.

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