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I’m a hopeless romantic. I always have been. I’ve forever dreamed of the day when I would meet that special someone and ride blissfully into happily ever after.

But I had come to realize the world didn’t share my idealism. Not everyone was looking for everlasting love. I knew that there were many people who were only interested in a booty call and were more than happy to leave it at that.

But I had finally found love. I was high and comfortable with him at the same time.

His name was Simon. We had known each other forever, since we were babies. Our mothers had always wanted us to be together. But it was always a touchy subject for my father. Because I was black and Simon was half Chinese and half white, my dad always subtly frowned upon the idea of us having a relationship.
But today was my wedding and I was marrying Simon, the man of my dreams.

I stared at myself in the full-length mirror. The long white dress with the lace bodice and the lace sleeves to match. The veil tumbled gracefully past my shoulders.

I smiled and the girl in the mirror grinned back. She was glowing. Her brown skin popped against the white of the gown. I was finally beautiful. I was finally happy.

Suddenly, the doors were flung open. I yelped and whirled away from the mirror, shocked.
Simon stood before me, dressed in only jeans and a T-shirt.

“Simon,” I shrieked, mouth agape. “Why aren’t you dressed. The wedding starts in an hour. And you’re not even supposed to see me before the ceremony.”

I moved quickly, desperately looking for a place to hide.
“No, Yvonne, there’s no need for that,” he said, stopping me in my tracks.

“What do you mean?” I looked at him in confusion.
“We need to talk.”

My heart sank with those four words. I knew what he was going to say. The cold, distant look in his eyes, the determined set of his mouth.

No, Simon. Please, no.
Somehow I gathered the strength to speak.

“About what?”
He looked at me, then looked at the ground, then back at me. “I don’t think we should get married.”

It felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. I couldn’t get enough air. Tears blurred my eyes, but I pushed them back as I looked at him. The feeling of betrayal stirring deep within my gut.

“Why?” I whispered, my voice sounded foreign to me.
He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Because, Yvonne, we’ve just grown apart. You’re…I mean…I don’t think you’re the one for me. And I’m not…the one for you either.”

I knew what he was really saying.

“Who is she?” I asked him.
Simon looked at me in surprise. “What?” he asked.

“The girl you’re in love with now,” I whispered, feeling drained. “Who is she?”
He looked at me for a few seconds that seemed like hours and finally said, “Kate.”

My jaw dropped and suddenly my knees could no longer hold me up. I fell to my knees in agony.

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