Balcony Boy - S01 E14 (Story Episode)

3 years ago

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Our lips are inches away, but something swims past my foot and I scream, pretty much jumping on Jake. He catches me, one hand behind my back, the other under my knees.


“What the hell was that about?”

“Something touched my foot!”

Jake looks down into the water. “It was probably just seaweed, I can’t believe you would interrupt-Oh…wow.”

I follow his gaze to see small silver fish swimming around our legs. “This is amazing.” I take my goggles from around my wrist and place them on my head, dipping my head underwater to get a better luck.

Their silver scales reflect the sunlight, making them shimmer as they move. I feel a splash next to me and Jake’s face appears in the corner of my eye. He’s underwater, no goggles, just eyes open in the saltwater.

I come to the surface dragging him with me. His eyes have gone bloodshot and I smack him on the shoulder. “Ow, what was that for?”

“You could’ve borrowed my goggles instead of destroying your eyes with saltwater. I bet that stings right?”

“A bit.” He shrugs. “Worth it though.”

“How many times do I have to call you an idiot before it sinks in?”

“A lot?” He smirks.

I go to hit him again, but he catches my hand with his and lowers it under the water. “If you keep hitting me like this, I swear to God I won’t be able to feel my arm anymore.” He laughs, and hits me on the shoulder.

“AH! Why would you do that?!”

“Taste of your own medicine, Bloom! Suck on it.”

“In your dreams, dipshit.”

“We’ve already established you’re in my dreams, Bloom.” He says, winking. He grabs my waist once again and pulls me closer. “So, where were we?”


I shrug, “Can’t remember, you must of hit me too hard.”


He shakes his head and laughs. “You’re impossible.”

We spend another couple of hours at the beach, but decide to walk back to the hotel as the temperature starts to drop.

We find the pool completely empty and sit side by side on the edge, legs submerged in the cool water. “I’ve been meaning to ask you,” I start, turning to face Jake slightly, “how long are you staying for? You got here before me, right?”

“I got here 2 days before you did, and I’m staying for 2 weeks.”

“I’m only staying for 10 days, you’ll have to go two more days without me.”

His face falls, but he soon covers it with a small smile. “I don’t know how I’ll survive.” He says, casting a look my way.

“I’m sure you’ll manage.”

We sit in silence and watch the sun sink lower behind the palm trees. “Thought it was you two.”

I jump and turn around to find my mum stood behind us.

“Jake, love, I’ve been talking with your parents and, only if you want of course, you’re welcome to join us on our visit to Katmandu tomorrow.”

“I would love to, Mrs Bloom.”

“Excellent! Just come round our room tomorrow morning and we’ll drive down.” With that she turns and makes her way back into the hotel.

Once she’s out of earshot, I turn to Jake. “How have you managed to get yourself invited to every aspect of my holiday??”

He shrugs, smirking. “I’m just that good.”

We walk back to our rooms soon afterwards and call it a day.


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