Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E60 (Story Episode)

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Jane and Blessing was rushing back to the Hostel after Cynthia asked them to come back via the ear-pot. They noticed 5 guys trailing them from behind.

Jane: What should we do now?

Blessing: Lets keep walking
They increased their pace while the 5 guys also did the same, they got to a deserted area that lead to the Hostel and 5 more guys blocked their way.

Guy1: And where are you both running to?

Jane: And who told you we are running?

Guy2: Then why are you both in such a hurry if you aren’t running?

Blessing: Hey! I don’t bloody care where you all are coming from or who sent you all, but one thing is certain

Guy3: Which is?

Blessing: If you guys start up any nonsense, it will be bloody

Guy4: Shut up, who’s talking about attacking you both with guns? Guys grab them.
Jane pulled out her gun from her purse

Jane: Any of you should try any nonsense and answer to the bullet.

Trinity stepped forward.

Trinity: You can pull the trigger. (he started moving towards them)

Jane: Don’t come any close

Trinity: Go ahead.

Blessing pulled her own gun and started shooting at Trinity but the bullets were useless cause it didt penetrate him.

Trinity: Now guys, take them now

The guys were about to take them when Cynthia appeared while all the guys drew backwards.

Trinity: Hmm, and their boss is here.

Cynthia: Trinity, Your days in this school is numbered.

Trinity: I should be telling you that

Cynthia didt say any other thing rather she placed her 2 hands at Blessing and Jane.

Cynthia: We shall see about that, (she disappeared with Blessing and Jane)

Trinity: Guys lets leave here now (They all left that spot before the Arrival of the school Authority)

Tracy and other guys were still waiting for Cynthia to return when Cynthia appeared with Blessing and Jane.

Jane: Wow

Tracy and other girls went over to where they appeared.

Alice: So what happened?

Blessing: We were attacked.

Mary: Hmmm, as predicted by Cynthia here

Jane: Guys, there is big problem

Tracy: What’s the problem

Jane: The cult guys are now getting more spiritual powers.

Monica: How Do you mean?

Blessing: Bullets can’t penetrate them now

Tracy: Haa, no oo,, we have to do something now

Cynthia: Hmm, is not yet all of them that have that power, is their leaders, Very soon now they will start searching for what that will be penetrating us

Alice: But they is nothing like that nah?

Cynthia: You can’t say yet, I don’t really know about that one for now.

Tracy: We have to come up with something now.

Cynthia: Am thinking


Next Day
Cynthia was walking back to the Hostel after that day Lecture when she came across someone who stopped her.

Guy: Ermm, am sorry to stop you.

Cynthia: Ok no problem, so how can I help you?

Guy: Ermm, Am that guy you saved the other day.

Cynthia: Am sorry, I can’t remember

Guy: Ok no problem, I just want to thank you for that day

Cynthia: You don’t need to thank me, is my duty and you have to thank God instead.

Guy: I still need to thank you, atleast you allowed God to be using you in this school.

Cynthia: Ok thanks.

Guy: Ermm bye dear

The Guy left while Cynthia continued her journey back to the Hostel, she got to the Hostel and went in. She was the only one that was back, she went inside the Kitchen, warmed the food while she started eating the one she dish out for herself. Suddenly she remembered the guy that approached her earlier, she was surprise and happy because the guy was the first to approach her and thank her for helping him cause most people she helps doesn’t come to thank her maybe they were scared of her. She felt bad because she didt even ask him his name to know him, she felt the urge to know him more (does it mean am falling in love?) she asked herself before she waved such thought away immediately, but it will come back to her head, She then went over to one of the couch and slept off, leaving the food she was eating in the Kitchen.


Presh went to the Lab in search of her friend when she sighted Sparkling with him, she was surprised cause she thought they don’t talk to each other, she was about to leave when The guy sighted her and called her to join them. Presh didt know what to do but she braved up and went over to where they were sitting and sat down with them.

Guy: Ermm, Presh, this is Sparkling, she do come here to read too, she’s in 300Level studying Biochemistry, Sparkling, this is Presh, She’s my friend and coursemate, same Medicine.

Sparkling: Nice meeting you (she faked smile and stretched out hand towards Presh for Handshake)

Presh: Nice meeting you too (she took the hand and they had the hand shake)

Guy: I believe since we love coming to the Lab to read, that we will be reading together, since we are all Science. (he was with all smile while Sparkling and Presh exchanged Deadly Stair to each other without the guy notice)

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