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Tracy was the only one in their Hostel, she has finished her lecture for the day so other girls were still in school. she was pressing her phone when she heard a knock on the door.

Tracy: Wait oo,, babes una came back fast oo (she said as she approached the door)
She opened it and a punch followed suit but she was very fast to dodge it. She walked back a little when 6 Guys came in.

Tracy: Oh I see

Guy1: Perfect, she’s the only one at home

Tracy: Leave here now (she was slowly walking back to the room where their guns are)

Guy2: Grab her now
2 of the guys rushed her but she quickly ran into the room and the 2 guys chased her into the room, the 4 other guys were waiting at the sitting room for them to come out but they didt, they were about to go in when Tracy stepped out of the room with her gun and was pointing it at 4 other guys, they brought out their own gun and also pointed it at her.

Tracy: Save yourselves and surrender cause if we should start, I won’t have mercy on any of you.

Guy3: Hey b---h shut that trap and drop your gun.

Guy2: Guys make we waist this girl and move out from there.

They started shooting at her, Tracy got angered and shot at them and they all fell down and started bleeding.

The School Security men came in at that instance. They saw the 4 guys are already down.
They went over to Tracy and started asking her if she’s alright and she told them that she’s alright.

They took the guys away to the Police Hospital.

Cynthia heard what that has happened in their Hostel and she hurriedly went over to the Hostel and met some students at the entrance of the Hostel, The School Security men helped her scale through the Crowd into their Hostel.
The Security men then discharged the students to back to their various Hostel and departments and leave that spot. They all left while the Security also followed suit.

Cynthia got inside and met Tracy boiling in range, Cynthia looked round the room and some traces of Blood on the floor, she walked over to where Tracy was and sat down beside her.

Cynthia: Are you ok?

Tracy: Yes I am

Cynthia: What actually happened?

Tracy took time and told her everything that just happened.

Cynthia: I know it will soon get to this, and they are more to come.

Tracy: And am ready for them.

Cynthia: Yes we are ready for them shaa, we still need to do the training before (she was cut short when her phone started ringing)

She checked the caller and saw is the Vice Chancellor, she sighed to relief the tension in her before she picked the call.

Cynthia: Hello, Good day sir

VC: How are you?

Cynthia: Fine sir

VC: I heard what happened hope your girls are ok?

Cynthia: Yes sir, they are fine sir

VC: That’s good, so what really happened

Cynthia told him everything that Tracy told her.

VC: Those criminals will be dealt with I will make sure of that

Cynthia: Thank you sir

VC: Make sure you call me when ever you need anything at all, you girls are doing a great job here.

Cynthia: Ok sir, Thank you very much sir

VC: Your welcome, bye

Cynthia: Ok sir

The Call was ended.

Tracy: Is that the VC?

Cynthia: Yes

Tracy: Ok

Cynthia: Babe go take your bath while I clean up all this mess, you really need to rest your mind.

Tracy: Don’t worry am ok

Cynthia: I know you are but just look at yourself, stained with blood, you need to bath please

Tracy: Ok
Tracy went into the bathroom to take her bath, Cynthia brought out some Bucket of water and rag and started cleaning the blood on the tied Floor, The door opened While Mary and Alice came in

Mary: Babe, wetin xup here

Cynthia: Calm down make una come in first

Alice: Abeg tell us joor
Cynthia told them what happened.

Mary: Chai they are lucky I wasn’t the one, I would have skinned them alive.

Alice: Chai, where is Tracy now?

Cynthia: She’s taking her bath.
Monica stepped in.

Monica: Haa so is true, see blood everywhere. (she was looking round the room)
Cynthia: You all should go and get rag lets clean up this place.

They all went and got rag and started cleaning the floor together with Cynthia.

Cynthia: What about Jane and Blessing?

Alice: They were having quiz

Cynthia: Ok

Cynthia took her ear-pot and turned it on, she started connecting to Blessing and Jane.

Cynthia: Hell

Blessing: Hello, Cynthia?

Cynthia: Blessing where you dey?

Blessing: On the way

Cynthia: What about Jane?

Blessing: She’s here with me

Cynthia: That’s good, you both should come back quick.

Blessing: Ok
Cynthia Ended the call.

Mary: This is serious

Cynthia: They will also trail behind Blessing and Jane to ambush them.

Tracy: What? (she shouted coming out from the bath room)

Alice: What should we do?

Cynthia: Don’t worry am on it (she disappeared, and this was the first time they will be seeing her disappear)

Monica: Oh my God

Alice: I didt just see that

Mary: Chimoo

Tracy: Haha una funny

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