Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E58 (Story Episode)

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As Cynthia came out and saw the Crowd that has gathered round at the front of the building, she was amazed at the number, Monica, Alice, Jane, Blessing, Mary and with other school Security men were busy controlling them from entering or going to meet Cynthia.

Cynthia stepped forward to address them, they all kept quiet to hear what she has to say.

Cynthia: This is just the beginning of what that will happen in this school, Me and my Girls will make sure that all those Cultists that has been terrorizing this school will be brought down and to face the Law, I promise you all this. (she stopped while the whole Students started chanting and calling out her name “Cynthia” in unism)

Cynthia and her girls left that place, the students paved way for them and they walked over to the hostel, the students were still following them until they went into their Hostel, The crowd remained outside till Mary came and told them to go back to the school before they all left to their various departments.


Gallant and Sparkling came back from the Ichieke Village, they went into Gallant Lodge first.

Sparkling: Wow, so we are now invisible.

Gallant: I can’t wait to face that Cynthia and her girls

Sparkling: We will really deal with them.

They were still discussing when 2 of their girls knocked on the door and they were asked to come in. They came in and greeted them.

Gallant: So what’s wrong why here?

One of the girls brought out her phone and played a video that she recorded when Cynthia was addressing the students few hours ago.

Sparkling: When did this happen?

Girl1: In the Morning

Girl2: And the guys has been take to the station

Gallant: You girls don’t need to panic cause we are now ready for them.

Girl1: Are you sure? Cause we all are very scared

Sparkling: You don’t need to, also assure other girls that things will now fall in place soon

Gallant: I will have to meet all the Viqueens in this school, We will discuss on this, we all will assemble in our gathering ground tomorrow morning, pass this information to others. And no one should be absent, I repeat no one should be absent.

Girl2: Ok Boss
The Girls left the Lodge

Sparkling: We will surely bring them down this time around.

Gallant: Yes, we now know their weakpoint, we must attack them in full force.

Sparkling: Yes I can’t wait, well you cook anything?

Gallant: Yes, I made stew earlier but you will have to cook rice

Sparkling: That one no be problem.

She stood up and walked over to the Kitchen and started preparing the rice.


The Angels went to the Oyi Shrine together with their girls Carpon and 2 others, they were 6 in number.

They got to the shrine, while the Herbalist wasn’t in the shrine, they were about to step inside the shrine when a voice shouted at them to remove their shoes before coming in which they hurriedly did before going in. The Herbalist appeared in the shrine while they drew back in few, The Herbalist laughed for a while.

Herbalist: What do you people seek?

Carpon: We seek powers baba, we need to be fortified baba.

The Habalist laughed then started dancing spiritual Dance round the shrine. He stopped and stretched out his left hand, 6 rings appeared in his hand and he called on them to come and pick it.

They started coming one after the other and was collecting from him.

Herbalist: Always wear it in your hand when ever you are going out, it will make you superior over others, no man or woman born of a woman that can stop any of you but, don’t allow a virgin blood touch it and don’t wear it when having sex with a virgin.

They thanked him before they paid him. They left the shrine back to school.

They got to school, they went into the Carpon Lodge and sat down.

They started discussing on the issue and they resulted in meeting the Vikings and Viqueens to join hands together and bring the Anti cult down.


The Angel carpon called on Viking Carpon and they met.

Vi Carpon: So what’s all this about?

An Carpon: Lets go straight to the point, you know the Anti-cult are waxing stronger, so me and my guys came up with a plan that we join hands together and bring them down.

Vi Carpon: Then after that what happens?

An Carpon: We will then focus on settling our scores

Vi Carpon: Ok deal

They called all their members together to have a combine meeting bother Angels, Black Angels, Vikings and Viqueens assembled together in a field outside the school.


Tracy and other girls have been playing in their hostel when Cynthia that was sitting quietly on the couch quickly sprang up.

Mary: What’s it?

Jane: Babe wetin happen?

Cynthia: I don’t know but something is not right

Tracy: How?

Cynthia: I don’t even understand but they is danger, danger, am seeing blood everywhere.

All of them were scared and shocked over what Cynthia said.

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