Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E57 (Story Episode)

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Herbalist started welcoming them to his shrine.

Herbalist: Your welcome to Otigbu Shrine, How can I help you?

Sparkling: Baba, we want powers, great powers to destroy our Enemies

Gallant: Yes baba we need ultimate powers baba

Herbalist: (Laughs) You people needs powers and powers you shall get (he started doing incantations and Doing some things with his equipments, within few seconds, he stopped and 2 necklace appeared inside a pot. He laughed for a while and thanked the gods for the necklaces, he then turned to face Gallant and Sparkling)

Herbalist: Take this (he stretch out the necklaces to Gallant and she took it from him)

Herbalist: Wear it round your neck anytime you want to go on an oppression. It will protect you girls from bullets, Matchet, knives and rest of them.

Gallant: Thank you baba

Sparkling: Baba thank you so much

Herbalist: But note this, Don’t ever allow salt to touch it. If not the power inside will be neutralized.

Gallant: Ok baba (she made sign for Sparkling to bring out some money and give the Herbalist)

Sparkling brought out some money from her handbag and stretched it forth to the herbalist but he asked her to drop it on the ground and she did as she was told, they stood up and left the shrine with joy that they have acquired power.


The Boy that Presh and Sparkling has been crushing on was on his way to the Lab to read as usual, He was still going when he noticed 5 Huge guys that are trailing him from behind, he became afraid and increased his pace but they were catching up with him, soon enough he got to a lonely side and they quickly rushed him and caught up with him.

The boy started begging for them not to kill him but they dragged him into an Uncompleted School building that is close to them and tied him up to a wooden chair there. He was still begging when one of the guys gave him a resounding slap and he started coughing out blood.

Guy1: Look at this guy oo, Im the even bleed when we never do am anything

Guy2: The Guy fresh shaa but sorry it will waste today shaa

Guy3: You get mind to pursue that my girl Presh, that my baby.

Guy4: The thing wey the pain me pass be say, that Sparkling dealt with me and my guys cause of you baa?

Guy5: Guys make we torture am then we can then kill him.

The Boy was still begging and shouting for help when they tied their handkerchief in his mouth to prevent him from shouting.

They started punching him seriously while he groaned in pure pains.

Few Minutes of punching, slapping and hitting him hard, they stopped while one of the guys started talking.

Guy2: Guy, sorry say e go end like this, say hello to your mummy.

He brought out a sharp knife from his pocket and raised it up to stab him but he shouted in pains as the knife fell of from his hand and he fell to the ground too.

The other 4 guys gathered round him and started asking him what’s wrong but he was already unconscious.

“The Next person that tries to commit murder will have to join him” they heard someone say from their back, they all turned to the direction of where the voice came from and they saw Cynthia standing at their back.

They brought out their guns and pointed it at her.

Guy1: You should get out from here is none of your business

Cynthia: Yes your right, is none of my business that you people are gathering here but him is my business (she said pointing to the guy they tied up on the chair)

Guy3: How is he your business?

Cynthia: Nice question (she said and started walking over to where they were standing and pointing their guns on her)

Guy4: Stop coming close or we shot

Cynthia: Hmmm (she stopped and continued again) You can shot no problem
They started shooting at her but the bullets were not penetrating her, she got close to them and used her power to pin them to that spot they were standing without them making any move, she got close to them and took their weapons from them and threw it on the floor.

She walked over to where the guy their tied on the chair was and untied him but his already weak due to the beating that he received earlier.

Cynthia placed one hand on the ear-pot she was putting on and started speaking to Tracy.

Cynthia: You can now come in

Tracy: Ok on it.

Tracy came in and walked over to where Cynthia was standing.

Cynthia: Take him to the school clinic
Tracy placed the boy hand across her shoulder while she held her wait and took him out from there.

Cynthia went outside and asked the school security to come in, they came in and she asked them to take those guys away, The school Security men took the weapons of the guys that is on the floor and they also took the guys away straight to the police station.

Many students has already gathered round that premises.
Cynthia came out and the Students started shouting with joy that the Anti-cult is very active.

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