Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E56 (Story Episode)

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The Angels heard what happened to the Vikings and their Leaders gathered to have executive meeting on what to do cause they have seen that the Anti-cult are now waxing stronger day after day.

Carpon: You all have heard what happened to the Viking and Viqueens when they attacked the Anti-cult of just 6 cause their leader wasn’t there but instead of the Vikings and Viqueens to wipe them out entirely they dealt with the Vikings and Viqueens that left some of them dead and some of them in a confused state, so you all know that their next target will be us, so we have to do something now before they get to us.

Trinity: Boss, you have spoken well, I also wanted to talk about this before you called for this meeting, well I heard they were using Black Magic that’s where they were not defeated at all. So I suggest we the Executives to find a solution now, if is getting a black magic also, we should do that to protect ourselves.

Danger: That’s right, that’s what we should do.

Carpon: So do you people have anywhere in Mind?

Danger: Yes

Carpon: And where is that?

Danger: Is somewhere in the North, is called Oyi Shrine

Carpon: Ok, you will lead us there first thing tomorrow morning, I don’t want to take any chances on this matter.

Trinity: What about our girls?

Carpon: We will go together with 3 of their Leader.

Danger: That sound good, I will inform them

They later dismissed the meeting and went their separate ways.


Cynthia and Ogeri appeared back infront of Ogeri compound.

Ogeri: We are back

Cynthia: Wow, thank you ma, am really grateful

Ogeri: Your welcome my Daughter, your gifted already with the power from birth so you should enjoy it to the fullest my dear and also protect your friends

Cynthia: I will ma, I will be going now cause they will be worried by now

Ogeri: Ok take care

Cynthia hugged her before she went inside the car and drove off back to Enugu.

She drove for 1 hour and some minutes when she got to a check point that is between Abakaliki and Enugu Highway when the Policemen there stopped her.

Policeman: Madam, where is your papers?

Cynthia brought out all the papers and gave it to him and he checked it before he gave it to her.

Policeman: Open your butt
Cynthia did as he instructed, she pressed a button on the car and the butt opened while the Policeman scaled through it but didt see anything to extract money from Cynthia. He closed back the butt for her while Cynthia kicked on the engine to drive away when the policeman stopped her.

Policeman: Oh, I haven’t asked you to go and you are about to go oya come down.

Cynthia: But you have checked me, what else do you want?

Policeman: Come down joor
She did as he said and he asked her to go and see their boss across the road.

Cynthia didt like that kind of useless treatment from the Police, cause she has been hearing their brutality, she used her eyes to control their Leader there and he came forth.

Leader: What is wrong here?

Cynthia: Is it not your boys, they have checked me finish and found nothing and now his asking me out of the car, is it fair?

Leader: So Sergeant, your this cruel to this beautiful Lady, are you stupid?

Policeman: No sir, ermmm, sir it won’t happen again.

Leader: Get out from here
The Sergeant left there immediately while he now faced where Cynthia was.

Leader: Am sorry ma

Cynthia: Your welcome
She went into her car and drove off before the spell she cast on the Policeman Leader left him.

Leader: What happened?

Sergeant: Ok na you set her free

Leader: Who?

Sergeant: That fair girl, well she has drove off
Their Leader didt understand what was going as he went inside the police Hilux and slept off.
Cynthia got to the Hostel and parked the car, she came down from the car and walked into the hostel. She knocked at the door while Alice came and opened the door for her and she came in.

Alice: Babe, where you go?

Cynthia: Went somewhere joor

Alice: You must tell me oo

Cynthia: Come carry me nah
(she was walking into the sitting room where other girls were, when they saw her, they all went over to where she was.

Tracy: Babe, where you go?

Cynthia: Ok make una no kill me, I go see Ogeri

Mary: Yes oo,, wetin she talk?

Cynthia: Many things

Monica: Tell us nah

Cynthia: Make una give me food first, cause am very hungry now

Blessing: Jane go and get her something to eat

Jane: Bia, no the call my name oo

Tracy: Jane you self go nah ah ah

Jane: Ok oo
Jane walked over to the kitchen and dish out food for Cynthia, when she was done eating, they still gathered round her for her to tell them how far her journey and Cynthia took her time telling them how she went and everything that she has learnt from Ogeri, they were happy cause they felt more secured unlike before.

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