Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E52 (Story Episode)

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Gallant has been planning a serious attack
on Cynthia and her team.
Thunder came into the gathering ground of
the Viqueens and the Viqueens all bowed to
him in respect. He went over to where
Gallant is.

Thunder: How you dey?

Gallant: I just dey fine. How parole with you?

Thunder: Udo, How is the preparation

Gallant: Fine and I pray it works

Thunder: We are also preparing an attack on
them too cause from what I heard is that
they are planning on how to close our

Gallant: That one no go work nah.

Thunder: So we have to end them now
before they get stronger.

Gallant: We shall, I just believe so, I would
have ended her life when I had that Golden

Thunder: Same with me, but we can still do

Gallant: Your right.


Presh went over to the Lab to read with his
friends when she sighted Sparkling there
pretending to be reading in order to be
looking at that boy.

Presh walked over to where Sparkling was
sitting and sat down opposite her, blocking
her from seeing the boy.

Sparkling: What is it?

Presh: What are you looking at?


Sparkling: Who is your boyfriend?

Presh: The same boy you are stirring at.

Sparkling: Your mad

Presh: Secret admire, let me tell you, don’t
ever come close to my boyfriend talk more
of Monitoring him around, am his Girlfriend
so stay off him.

Sparkling: From the last time I checked, You
aren’t his Girlfriend

Presh: Thank God you said from the last time
you checked, so go and check again recently
and see if we are dating or not
Presh stood up from there and went over to
where her friends were waiting for her and
they all went over to where the boy was and
sat down with him.
Sparkling was shocked to the bone that
Presh called her secret Admire and to make
the matter worst is that Presh said that they
are already dating, she forced herself not to
believe her, she then angrily walked out
from that Lab promising herself to deal with
Presh when ever she come across with her


Meanwhile Junior has gotten to Abuja safely
and he have called Cynthia his sister and
informed her that he has arrived safely,
Cynthia also got to speak with Mary Brother
and he promised to take good care of her
brother while Cynthia thanked him very
much before the call was ended.

Mary: Don’t worry dear my Brother won’t fail

Cynthia: I now believe you dear

Mary: Are you sure?

Cynthia: Yes, just that am going to miss my
Little Brother, his all I have now

Mary: Don’t worry all is fine.

Blessing: Am hungry oo

Jane: Come and eat me nah, since you don’t
know where kitchen is

Blessing: Bia, am not referring to you

Jane: Whatever Joor

Alice: Husband and Wife

Blessing: Mind your business oo

Jane: Don’t mind her, always putting mouth
for something that doesn’t concern her

Monica: Make una no kill her for me oo

Tracy: Oh Jesus, Can I get some peace in this
place, una too the disturb I swear

Jane: Is it your disturb, see this one oo

Tracy: Jane, e don do for you oo,, I go
change am for you oo

Jane: See person you get power?

Tracy playfully bounced on Jane and they
started fighting playfully with pillow while
other girls joined them, Cynthia relaxed
herself on the Chair she was sitting thinking
of her brother if his ok where ever he is.


Tracy and her Friends got a false
Information that the Viqueens are killing
some students at the Old abandoned Hostel,
Tracy and 5 other girls took their guns with
them meanwhile Cynthia is not around, she
has went out to see the Vice Chancellor and
they have tried reaching her through their
ear-pot but she was responding, so they
quickly went there but didt see any student
or Viqueens there.

Jane: Nobody is here

Mary: What’s happening

Blessing: This is a trap, lets go!!!
They were about to run out from that place
when the Viqueens and Vikings surrounded
them and released a heavy fire on them,

They started shooting them heavily while
Tracy and her girls were also firing back,
The heat of the bullets started affecting
Tracy and her friends little till smoke started
coming out from their body and the heat of
the bullets were too much for them.

Tracy: We have to go now.
They tried to go but the Viqueens blocked
their way and started shooting at them

Blessing fell to the ground very weak and
she felt her body burning from inside.

Tracy aimed at the Viqueens that was
blocking them and shot all of them down
before another sect of Viqueens blocked
their way and this time around Tracy is very
weak and she also fell to the ground
together with others while Gallant ordered
her girls to go and use their Guns at them in
close range since they are now very weak
and any bullet shot at them in close range
will kill them.

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