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As he pulls the trigger, Amanda pulls her weight backwards as she falls down just in time breaking the chair and freeing herself as the bullet flew passed her head, he points the gun at her again but she sits up too fast with a stick around in her hand, she swings fast on his hand making him loose grip of his handgun, with her hands free, she unties her leg, the other masked man try to attack but she swipes him off his feet, he tries getting up, she kicks him hard on his face, Farouq rushes her with a knife in his hand, she swiftly maneuvers his move with her hand, she holds him in a bear hug as she nods him, he shouts as he uses his leg to break free from her hold.

‘You’re still good Amanda, am gonna give you that.” He said as he touch his nose, its bleeding.

“Less talking, more fighting.” She run towards him, he plunges the knife at her but she slides under him as she brush him, he fell flat on his face, she climbs his back in a sleeper hold, the other masked man gets up and holds her too in a sleeper hold.

Farouq slashes her hand with his blade, she pushes him forward and swiftly turns the other guy over her head, she punch his face, she didn’t stop as she keeps punching him.


A bullet graze her left shoulder, Farouq fired at her again but she rolls out in a knick of time, she unstraps the masked man’s gun and shoots Farouq in the head, killing him. She stand up and shoots him three more times and shoot the masked man lifeless body.

“Ah, it hurts so d--n much Amanda.” Victoria’s suddenly said from behind her as she struggle to sit up.

“You’re alive, thank goodness.” Amanda exclaimed happily as she crawls her.

“Is my brother really dead?.” Vicky asked weakly.

“That isn’t important right now Vicky, I have to get you to a hospital right away. You’re loosing alot of blood.” She laughs as she hold her in tears.

“Just answer me Amy, is Michael dead?.”

Amanda couldn’t answer the question so she nods with her head.

Vicky suddenly screams out in pains.

“What happened Amanda? How did he die?.”

“I don’t know Vicky, am trying to figure it out.”

Victoria keeps quiet then said “Where’s the body?.”

Her question left her dumbfounded as she didn’t know what to do. How could she tell her that she doesn’t know where his body is, how can she tell her that she was told she took his body away but she knows she has to tell her the truth, at least his sister needs to know but she couldn’t just say it no matter how hard she tried.

“His been buried, his friends buried him.”

“His friends? You and I know he doesn’t have much friends aside you and Alex.”

“Alex? Who is Alex?.” Amanda asks wondering. Michael hadn’t mention any Alex to her, not even once.

“You don’t know Alex…?” Victoria suddenly coughs making Amanda realize she is in dire need of medication.

“Skip that aside, am taking you to the hospital right now Vicky, can you walk?.” She asks her.

“I think so.”

“Good.” She assist her to her feet as they both headed for the door.


Twenty five minutes later.

Meridian hospital.

Amanda paces round the hallway outside the emergency room for like ages, she hopes Vicky is alright as she is restless.

Soon a doctor came out of the ward, Amanda quickly walked up to him.

“Doctor is she alright?.” She asks silently praying in her heart.

“Yes, she has 70% of survival, the bullet didn’t do much damage but thank God you brought her in when you did.” He said to her, Amanda exhale heavily.

“Thank you doctor. Can I see her now?.”

“No am afraid not, she is resting right now so you have to let her rest. Follow me please.” He says as he walks away.

Amanda followed behind as they enter his office.

“What really happened?.”

“Arm robbers, they shot her and me.”

“Yea I can see that. You both are very lucky my dear.”

Amanda smiles.

“Doc, can I ask for a favor?.”

“Sure go ahead.”

“My friend lost her brother recently and I believe the people who killed him are after her, and right now am the only one she got.”

“What about her family?.”

“All dead.”

“Oh my word, so how can I be of help?.”

“My place isn’t safe for her right now so I want you to accommodate her for six days let me prepare for a new place for her. Don’t worry about anything, send me your account details and I’ll send you twenty million naira for her upkeep.”

“You don’t have a problem with that. Does your know about this?.”

“Am afraid not, that’s what I wanted to talk to her about. I’ll be gone before she wakes. I’ve destroyed her phone so when she wakes up, call me with your phone.” She gives him a piece of paper with her number on it.

“Don’t worry, I would love to help out.” He said to her.

She stood up and left the hospital, she drove to her home and and took some of her clothes, she is going to the village. She didn’t feel safe any more.

Taking a few belongings, she drove out in her jeep.

She made the transaction for the doctor before leaving Lagos city that day.

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