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Their Carpon called for meeting on how they will deal with the Entire Angels.

Carpon: On this plan of us to quench the Black Angels and their girls out from this school, This one will be a very heavy challenge for us since they are very strong and they now know that we would soon come for them anytime, and I know they have started preparing on how to shield themselves from us according to our Informant there.

Trinity: Boss Man no vex o, No talk say I the interrupt you.

Carpon: No problem, you can go ahead.

Trinity: Thank You boss, wetin I wan talk be say, make we take am jeje and take them unaware because they are already controlling the North and East Boarder while we are controlling the West and South Boarder, and tracking them down will be a hard thing.

Carpon: Wow, you are right, We would have taken over the North Boarder when we took down the Devils but we busy rejoicing then. So now we would take them down and take over the 2 Boarders like we were in control of the 4 Boarders before.

Trinity: That means we should plan this very well

Carpon: Yes, You all can now go, I will call you guys back when I need you guys, but Trinity follow me.

They all went back to their Lodges and Hostels while Trinity went inside with The Carpon and they sat down and started discussing on how to tangle what on board now. They were still talking when the Carpon phone rang and he picked the call when he saw is Thunder.

Carpon: Hello Thunder

Thunder: Haaa boss man I the Hail

Carpon: No p, where you dey as you no come meeting?

Thunder: Boss wahala dey oo, where you dey now?

Carpon: I dey my Lodge

Thunder: I the come now

Carpon: No p nah

The call ended.

Trinity: Why im no come?

Carpon: I don’t know, he said his coming now so lets wait for him

Trinity: Ok

5 Minutes time, Thunder arrived at the Carpon Lodge and knocked at the door

Carpon: You can come in
Thunder came in and had a hand shake with them before he sat down on one of the Chairs there.

Thunder: Boss, abeg no vex

Carpon: Ok, so wetin you talk say wey happen?

Thunder: Na those Black Angels oo, Them nearly track me down oo

Carpon: What! Where you been dey?

Thunder: I been dey near school Lab when I saw one girl like that, as i was talking to her, all this small small Black Angels saw me and started pointing at me, i didt even know that the girl is one of them not until one of the Black Angels came and hug the Girl and took her away, me come know say problem dey, I come the waka the come out from there when they started trailing me from behind. I increased my speed and they did the same, so boss me come run oo, them pursue me but as a sharp guy I come escape through the back fence that’s why me no come the meeting oo.

Carpon: Hmm, this guys are out for us.

Thunder: Yes boss, we have to do something about this cause is getting out of hand.

Carpon: This war will be great.

Trinity: And they will find it hot with us.

Thunder: So what’s the plan so far?

Carpon: We haven’t reached on anything yet

they continued the plan on how to take the Angels Down.



Gallant sent 2 of her girls to get Cynthia and take her to see Thunder in his apartment.

The Girls went to the hostel with their car. They got into the hostel and went straight to Cynthia Hostel and knocked on the door

Mary: Who is there?

(No Response)

Mary: The person no the hear word? Na who be that?

(Still no Response)

Jane: Maybe the person don smoke weed, make I go check am self.

Jane opened the door and saw the 2 Girls.

Girl1: Where is Cynthia

Jane: Why are you asking about her and by the way, who are you girls?

Girl2: Stop asking us stupid Question and bring out Cynthia for us.

Jane: Mary come and hear this girls oo

Mary: Wetin them the talk self? (she said and stood up from her bed and went over to the door also.

Girl1: Where is Cynthia?

Mary: Why are you girls looking for her?

Girl2: If you must know, we are sent by our Boss Lady

Jane: And who is your Boss Lady

Girl1: I guess you don’t mean that question you just asked now

Jane: I do

Girl1: Well if you must know, is Gallant

When Mary and Jane heard Gallant, They froze in shock, Tracy stood up from her bed and went over to the door.

Tracy: Go back and tell her that Cynthia is not going anywhere with you girls

Girl1: Don’t start what you can’t finish

Tracy: I should be the one to tell you girls this, so you girls should leave here now

Girl2: Babe lets go

they were about to leave when Cynthia shouted from inside

Cynthia: Please don’t go!!

They turned back and saw Cynthia Coming out, Tracy looked at her and she avoided her gaze.

Cynthia: I will go with you girls but don’t harm any of my friends please.

Girl1: Ok good girl, lets go

She followed them and they went inside the car and drove off.

Tracy and other girls became very sad.

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