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Sparkling and 2 of her girls were heading to the school Library when there met Thunder and his boys.

Thunder: Babe how far nah

Sparkling: I dey oo

Thunder: You just scarce this days oo

Sparkling: Not me oo, na you wey the dey scarce oo

Thunder: Forget that thing, you just the fine the go, nawa oo, your guy the try oo

Sparkling: Hahaha, Abi oo

Thunder: So how far for that girl

Sparkling: Which girl?

Thunder: That Cynthia of a girl

Sparkling: Oh that winch?

Thunder: Haba, why calling her a winch?

Sparkling: See one dirty slap she gave me and one of my girl, you will pity us, na just because of you wey make me never send her 6 feet.

Thunder: Haaa, so e don reach this level and nobody tell me

Sparkling: I been wan tell you but Gallant stopped and said that we should handle it ourselves

Thunder: Where is Gallant now?

Sparkling: I don’t know, maybe in your Lodge or wait let me call her.

She brought her phone from her hand bag and dialed Gallant number, it rang for a while without her picking it up, she tried it 3 times and she didt pick.

Sparkling: She’s not picking up, maybe she’s busy

Thunder: Busy f-----g?

Sparkling: Hahaha, not that thing joor

Thunder: She just the do like say she no the f--k, even you self

Sparkling: We don hear.

Thunder: Later now, when she come around tell her that I want to see her in my place this evening

Sparkling: No problem, bye

They went theory separate ways.


Gallant stirred at Cynthia for over 5 minutes and the tension in the room increased with Cynthia breathing very fast.

Gallant walked over to where Cynthia was standing and bent her head towards her ears and whispered.

Gallant: I told you that our path will cross again and I will pay you back dearly.

When she said those words, an Electric shock went through Cynthia body and she started shaking in Fear.

Gallant: I only came to see the girl that slapped my Friend and her girl and end up seeing whom I have been searching for, hmm, I just give you 1 hour to accept Thunder or I will come back for you, I don’t need to tell you what I can do cause you already know me before now, so be wise.

Gallant left while her girls followed her.

Tracy was the first to stand up still holding her cheek in pains before the other girls stood up also.

Blessing: Babe, accept him oo

Monica: Omor babe, make them no kill person for here one day oo

Alice: Chai, just accept am make everybody rest

Jane: Am just speechless

Mary: Nna eeh, see dirty slap

Tracy: Mary you the craze, see girls I will advise her not to accept him, who knows what will become of her if she does, they will just use and dump her.

Cynthia: Is better and not to suffer you girls.

Blessing: Babe, forget what I said, don’t accept him.

Mary: We are into this together

Alice: Yes, we should find a way to be protecting ourselves from all this

Monica: Yes you are right cause this thing is now getting out of hand

Jane: But babe, whatsup with what she was saying about you knowing her cause it seems you both know una selves

Cynthia: Yes we do, she was my senior in Secondary school.

Blessing: From what she was saying it means you both weren’t in good terms

Mary: Yes nah, Senior and Juniors are not usually in good terms nah

Cynthia: You are right but this one is different.

All: How?

Cynthia: Please you people should wait till the right time I will tell you girls please.

Tracy: Ok no problem


Gallant saw missed calls from Sparkling and she called her back while she picked after the second ring.

Gallant: Babe how far nah

Sparkling: I just dey oo, where you even keep your phone and person the call you and you no the pick at all.

Gallant: No vex, where you dey?

Sparkling: I dey Lab

Gallant: Ha, you and Lab, wetin carry you go there

Sparkling: Na that handsome guy wey I tell you about dey there oo

Gallant: Haha, you won’t kill me oo, approach him nah since you know that he won’t notice you that much.

Sparkling: See how you the talk am as if is easy to.

Gallant: Abeg do and come my Lodge, I get better gist for you.

Sparkling: Ok oo, later, is like his leaving now

Gallant: Haha, Take care joor

Gallant ended the call still laughing, she was visibly happy that she has finally found Cynthia Again and still on her net.


The Black Angels Organised a meeting with the Angels.

The Carpon of the Black Angels came and addressed others.

Carpon: Guys there is a problem, we are lacking behind because the Vikings has conquered the Devils and you know what? From the information I got, we are the Next, and there are preparing for us, so what should we do? this is an open parliament.

The house became very quiet with everyone thinking on the matter on ground.

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