Cynthia The Hottest Babe - S01 E23 (Story Episode)

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Gallant and Sparkling stood up to leave the Hotel, they saw the ANGELS approaching their side.

Gallant: follow me

Sparkling: Okthey passed through the back door and left the Hotel immediately.

The Angels got to the spot that Gallant and Sparkling was sitting and didn’t see them again

Girl1: Haba, this girls the fear like this

Girl2: As if we are trouble makers, just wanted to invite their silly ass.

Girl3: Haha, you girls are really funny, lets go back joor since they have escaped.The all laughed and went back to their party hall.

****Gallant and Sparkling got to Gallant Lodge and went inside

Sparkling: babe see humiliation Gallant didn’t say anything

Sparkling: This is the first time am running away from those bitches

Gallant: babe is ok, i did want to create any scene thereand we were not even prepared so no reason am.

Sparkling: Ok NahGallant: so how far that girl wey i tell you make you halla for hostel

Sparkling: I haven’t forgotten her, just made some research on her, her matter no be issue at all, she na Jew.

Gallant: That’s good, just give am better wahala I trust you nah

Sparkling: Thank God you know what I can do

Gallant: Bahd girl

Sparkling: I no reach you nah


Cynthia, Tracy and her roommates were heading to fetch water when 4 girls blocked their way.

Tracy: Excuse us, lets pass

Girl1: Pass to where?

Tracy: You girls are blocking us and you are still asking me pass to where?

Girl2: Close that mouth, hey you Cynthia follow us now

Tracy: Taaah, say wetin happen? One of the girls displayed a hidden gun to Tracy and she instantly kept quiet.

Girl3: Make I hear your mouth again They dragged Cynthia along with them to Sparkling Hostel.

When they got there, Sparkling asked them to come inside and they did.

Sparkling: Oh, you are the b---h proving stubborn right?

Cynthia: I don’t understand

Sparkling: You will soon understand better (she gave one of the girls sign and she matched Cynthia on her back while she staggered to fall down but she quickly regain stamina and she faced the girl that matched her.

Cynthia: Don’t ever try such nonsense again

Sparkling: Do you know where you are

Cynthia: I don’t know and I don’t care to know, all I know is that she should not match me ever again or else

Girl2: Or what will happen

Cynthia: Try it again The girls made move to beat Cynthia up but Sparkling asked them to stop.

Sparkling stood up from the bed she was sitting on andwalked over to where Cynthia was standing

Sparkling: I can have you killed with just the snap of myhand and no body will say anything, I just give you 24 hours to accept Thunder as your boyfriend or face my wrath

Cynthia: Is my life and no body has right over me not even you

Sparkling: We would see about that Cynthia didn’t say any other thing, she walked outside in anger and fear also.

Girl1: Boss, you for leave us make we show her pepper nah

Sparkling: Allow her, she’s claiming to be brave when she’s just a Jew, make una no too the think am shaa, na small thing.

Girl2: I can’t wait for that 24 hours to elapse cause i know she won’t accept him so easily.

Sparkling: Yes I know

***Cynthia got to where Tracy and her 5 other Roomies were standing waiting for her

Tracy: babe hope say them no hurt you?

Cynthia: No there didn’t, lets just go and fetch the water, we are almost running late to school.

They agreed, they went and fetch the water.

*****Thunder placed a call to Gallant and she picked it.

Thunder: Babe xup you

Gallant: Udo di (peace)

Thunder: How far for that babe, cause me i never hear anything from you

Gallant: Thunder, na Sparkling I handed over the matter to, you know say me no the dey hostel, na im i come give am Sparkling and she don the give her headache for your matter.

Thunder: That’s good, send me Sparkling number, make I follow her reason.

Gallant: Ok nah, issue no much The call ended and Gallant sent the number to him andhe called Sparkling while she also picked the call.

Sparkling: No who the call?

Thunder: Na Thunder the yan.

Sparkling: Haa, boss mi, how nah

Thunder: No probs, I wan know how parole you and that

Cynthia of a girl

Sparkling: That one no be issue at all, just give me 2 days, she is already yours

Thunder: I trust you nah, abeg make she do gree cause cold the catch me wella for here

Sparkling: haba, make I send you one of my girls nah

Thunder: Udo, do am fast make I use am brush up today

Sparkling: Bad guy. Just give am 20minutes, she go come

Thunder: Ok, later nah They ended the call Sparkling called one of her girls and asked her to visit Thunder within 20 minutes and she accepted immediately..

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