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Tracy took Cynthia out of the school premises, they stopped a Taxi and Tracy toldthe Taxi man where to stop there.

They stopped infront of a well furnished house.

Tracy asked Cynthia to come down, they paid the Taxi man and he drove off.

Cynthia; Is this the place?

Tracy; Yes, follow me They walked up to the entrance door and knocked on the door and a voice asked them to come in.

Tracy pushed the door open while they walked inside.

Woman; You both are all Welcome, you canseat down.

They sat down at the Long couch in the sitting room.

Tracy; Ma’am, my friend here……(she was cutshort by the woman)

Woman; Has been having series of misfortune starting from Secondary school

Cynthia; Jesus, how did you get to know?

Woman; You are Cynthia by name, and youattended Sir Ibiam Grammar school, you were their Head girl.

Something happenedin your SS class that made you vow never todate or mingle with people.

Cynthia; This is too much, am just speechless

Tracy; But ma’am, why is all this happening to her?

Cynthia; Yes, please tell me

Woman; Am not allowed to disclose anything to you now

Cynthia; But why?

Woman; You are not complete now to hearit

Cynthia; Complete? How? Am just confused here

Tracy; Yes, you are confusing us

Woman; When you are complete, you willknow, only then everything will be reviewedto you.

Don’t worry.

Tracy; So how will she be complete?

Woman; She’s still on the right path to becomplete.

Cynthia; Am totally confused, lost and scared

Woman; You are lucky that you have spirit of forgiveness, which is very rare to find.

Cynthia; Thanks alot

Tracy; We would be going now

Cynthia; Just like that? (she said and startedsearching her hand bag)

Woman; No, you don’t need to give meanything, am not a habalist, am just doingthe work of my God. You will soon beneeding this money.

Cynthia; Thanks alot ma

Woman; Ok you can go nowThey stood up and left the house.

***On Their way home, Cynthia has been silent,Tracy noticed her mood but kept mute cause she perfectly understand the type ofconfusion that she’s going through.

Tracy stopped another Taxi and asked himto take back to school.

They entered inside while the Taxi man drove off.

*Gallant called Sparkling to come over to herlodge that they is an Emergency.

Sparkling rushed to see her, she got to her lodge and Gallant asked her to come inside.

Sparkling; Wetin sup?

Gallant; E get parole, I wan make you run forme

Sparkling; There is this girl in Medical Department I wan make you run for me

Sparkling; Which Level?

Gallant; Na all this 100L, Actually Na Thundersay make I give am wahala for hostel till shego run, and you know say i dey busy nowwith all this initiation things and you are theonly one close to me, you also stay in thehostel for now just run am for me

Sparkling; You no get problem for that side,so give me her full details, like her name andother stuff.

Gallant; Thunder said that she’s Cynthia andthat she’s fair, she’s not too fat but cuvy andall that, that she normally stay in the lodgebut moved in to the hostel, she’s in room 75female Hostel.

Sparkling; That’s good, I will track her this Evening self

Gallant; See babe, no kill her? Cause Thunder wan make her his babe

Sparkling; No p, that one no go be issue.

Gallant; So how this coming weekend gobe?

Sparkling; Me never know, and how the preparation so far?

Gallant; Babe, is very stressful and e don the reach oo

Sparkling; easy oo, infact, you go come with me, make I flex you small

Gallant; Where will you flex me?

Sparkling; Anywhere, just the prepare causeI will come back for you, let me go andprepare for you.

She said in laughter while Gallant threw herher pillow and Sparkling caught it on the airand threw it back to her and ran outside,she got to the main road and stopped a bikethat took her back to school.

***Meanwhile The ANGELS has fixed their the Celebration of the initiation at Munchies Hotel by 8 that night till Day break if only youcan stand it.4:00pm The ANGELS has already started their partythere in the party hall.

Gallant and Sparkling came into the same hotel not knowing that the Angels arehaving a party there, They walked up to therefreshment Hall and ordered for their meal,they sat down and started eating andgisting when 4 ANGELS walked towards theAttendants that are serving there and gavethem list of things that is needed on the Party Hall right away.

The 4 ANGELS looked round and saw Gallant and Sparkling, Their eyes met, They all frowntheir faces to each other while the Angelsleft there immediately back to the Party Hall.

Gallant; We have to leave now

Sparkling; Why?

Gallant; We aren’t prepared for anything now, they will out number us and you knowwhat that means

Sparkling; Your right lets leave now.

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