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The Labour Prefect was searching for Cynthia but was informed that she was standing near the hostel so the Labour Prefect started going towards the hostel, she got there and saw her standing with a boy, she felt jealous and was about to go and interrupt when one of her friend held her back.

Girl: What are you trying to do?

Labour: To stop them offcourse

Girl: Haba nah, things are not done that way, remember she’s not yours yet so be doing things that will be pleasing her

Labour: But she has a boyfriend

Girl: How sure are you?

Labour: are you blind? Don’t you see that boy he is with?

Girl: You can’t be sure cause the little i know about Cynthia made me to know that she doesn’t have any guy, maybe that guy is her relative or someone trying to woo her

Labour: Hmmm, so what you are suggesting now, is that I should allow them?

Girl: Yes

Stephen: Ok I will see you some other time dear

Cynthia: Ok, bye (she said ending their long conversation, she started going into her hostel while Stephen went over to where his guys are.

Caleb: Sharp guy

Ambrose: Na today i know say you bad oo

Stephen: Dey there the dull movement nah

Caleb: So wetin una talk?

Stephen: Just found out her name and class, then got to know more of her.

Caleb: So how you go take the see her?

Stephen: Hmmm i plan on coming here during their visiting day

Ambrose: Don’t she have phone? For easy communication?

Caleb: Yes Ambrose is right, so what’s up?

Stephen: She’s in SS1 and she doesn’t have phone

Caleb & Ambrose: SS1!!!!

**Grace walked inside Cynthia’s room.

Grace: Babe, how far nah?

Cynthia: I dey oo

Grace: Nna eeh, you really try oo

Cynthia: As how?

Grace: For the Quiz nah, despite you didt prepare for it

Cynthia: Don’t mind those teachers, there want to kill methere were still talking when 4 Senior walked inside the room.

Senior: Hey Cynthia, come with us

Grace: To where?

Senior2: Hey b---h, let me not hear your voice again

Cynthia: Am not coming with anybody till you tell me the reason and where you are taking me to

Senior3: When we get there you will know

Cynthia: Is not the answer to my question and since you can’t answer it, am not going anywhere

Senior4: Oh you want to prove stubborn?

Cynthia: I know it must be the Labour prefect that sent you girls but am not coming one of the senior made to slap her but she caught the hand on the air.

Cynthia: Don’t even try it

Senior: Oh you have grown wings, I can see.

They left the room

Grace: Jesus, babe you are in a serious mess now

Cynthia: How?

Grace: You are asking me how?

Cynthia: Yes, oh you want me to follow them to God knows where

Grace: Me don run oo (she said and stood up) I will be in my own hostel, greet your roomies when them come back (she said and left the room)Cynthia just waved her thought aside and slept off.

*Ambrose was deeply in thought cause of Cynthia, inside him, he loves her and has seen her several times before Stephen and Caleb but was afraid on how to go about it.

Caleb: Guy, wetin the do you? This one you quiet like this?(he didt respond, so Caleb now tapped him on his laps and he jumped up from his thought)

Ambrose: Wetin eeh?

Caleb: Bia guy, wetin you the think since?

Ambrose: Nothing

Caleb: Guy forget it, you be my guy and I know when ever you are worried so tell me the matter

Ambrose: Is nothing shaa, just normal thinking on the Assignments we have unsolved here

Caleb: Is true oo, and that Sir Emeka na Another bad man

Ambrose: You don see am nah

Caleb: But well, is well, where is Stephen self?

Ambrose: I don’t know, maybe im go play ball

Caleb: Anything dey for your cardboard?

Ambrose: Like?

Caleb: Garri nah

Ambrose: E no dey, no be you people finish am

Caleb: Nawa oo, no the talk like that nah, no vex, you carry any money there?

Ambrose: Yes, wetin happen?

Caleb: How much, make we use go buy garri nah, and me go buy concoction

Ambrose: Ok there went outside the school and bought the garri and other things before coming back and by now Stephen is already there.

*****The Labour Prefect became angry when the girls he sent to go and bring Cynthia came back without her.

Girl: So wetin we go do her?

Girl2: Yes oo, as you see me so, my blood the hot

Labour: Don’t worry, shey tomorrow is Labour?

Girls: Yes

Labour: Perfect, I have a good plan.

She told them her plans and there were satisfied that it will work.

NEXT DAY: After so many lectures, the bell for Labour was rang and all students came out with their Working equipments while the Labour Prefect and her assistant were checking to see if everyone has her own equipment or working tools.

The Labour Prefect got to where Cynthia was.

Labour: Hey you! Where is your tools?

Cynthia: I can’t find it again this morning

Labour: Is that an Excuse?

Cynthia: Am so sorry The Labour gave order and 2 seniors came and dragged Cynthia towards an abandoned building beside the hostel, and they tore her cloth while The Labour came smiling

To Be Continued

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