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Two years after our marriage, I already gave birth to my first son named Andy Things were going on smoothly my business growing my husband is caring and loving plus a wonderful son I am in the sitting room with my family watching a film long time I did that with them A call came in,

Me- hello please who is this

Caller- yeah it Fred and just want to let you know am back to see your downfall

Me- are youHe hanged up the call. I was really scared

My husband – honey what wrong

Me – did you know Fred the guy I told you about

My husband – yes what with him he is in prison right

Me- I guess he escaped from prison and he is threatening me We are still talking about the issue when a video message came into my husbands phone The video is the same video he sent to me the other timebut this time his face is shown

My husband – how dare you do not this to me

Me- am sorry my love am sorry

My husband – but you told He could not finish his words as we started hearing gunshots My husband was hit by a bullet at his hand

The attackers got access into my home and kidnap my sonAfter they left I called for ambulance and also the policeI gave them my reports about the incident which they promise to get back my son assoon as possible Days after my husband could not survive the gunshot ashe as a deadly killer disease which he never told me aboutI mourned for him and also my son because am sure Fred will be treating him badly After about three weeks after the incident Fred called

Fred- Hello miss I heard of what happened to you and am sorry to tell you this your son will be the beginning ofmy revenge at you

Me- Fred am sorry just forgive me please

Fred- well for your information my guys are about to kill your parents just a call and boom

Me- please what do you really want from me

Fred- good girl for a start you give me 50 million dollars each for your mum and dad

Me- no way

Fred- then just know your

Me- do what you like am also prepared for you

Fred – I love thatHe hanged up the callI called my dad security personnel and inform him of thesituation.

He told me he got ultimate control of the issue

that I should rest my worries

Fred launched his attack as he said but I never knew how that guy did it Fred guys failed and they were all caught excluding Fred…

Fred is now my greatest enemy right now.

Thinking of how to stop him for days cause am sure he will get back at me for what happened to his guys I decided to use my money and affluence to stop him

Me- hello sir good afternoon

Major general – yes who is this

Me- it the daughter of Chief Thompson

MG – ohhhhh how are you Linda

Me- fine Sir but Sir I need your help

MG- OK how can I help you

Me- am in danger alongside my family.

I explained everything to the major general of the Nigerian army. He decided to help us out buy providing underground security personnel and he will also contact the California authorities so they can make sure am protected and also catch Fred

After about two weeks Fred launched his latest attack by attacking my clothes and jewelries gallery at Canada and he took every jewelries there

The Canadian police told me they have leads about the incident. They have the plate number of the car and they are currently tracking the carI decided to act fast before he ruined all I have worked for

My son is still with him and I have to act fast on how to get him I got myself a gun. I call the Canadian police and ask them if they got any idea on their hideouts They told me that they have checked the possible places they could be hiding but it seems they are not in Canada I contacted a guy who happens to be a spy and ask him to help me get his whereabouts

After about two weeks he called me

Spy- Hello boss

Me- yes any leads on their whereabouts

Spy- actually he left the country alongside with your son in a private jet and I guess they are heading to Africa

Me- OK If you get any other leads call me okay

Two days later the major general called me to inform me that Fred has been caught by the Nigerian army’s at Ghana Watch out for how Fred was finally killed and

How I lost my reputation in the next episode of sex and love,..



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