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My mum was really on my nerve asking me to bring home my fiance but how should I tell her with my age and status I have no boyfriend.

I decided to talk to Fred about the issue as she is really on my neck

Me- Fred I need your advice

Fred- yeah what wrong

Me- mum is asking me to bring home my husband but I don’t have anybody to take home as one

Fred- So what do you plan to do now

Me- don’t know

Fred- OK what about a planned marriage

Me- a what planned marriage

Fred- yes you get a man and pay him probably for two years and after that you guys go your separate ways

Me- wow that a good idea so can you help me get a guy for that

Fred- that not a problem but you will need to pay him one million dollars per year

Me- that much is there no one that is lesser

Fred- there is but we have to make it look real as in the guy will be forming a big business man and he will need lots of cash to keep up with your family

Me- kk fine did whatever you like just make sure it got no repercussions

Fred- trust meAs planned I engaged in a planned marriage with a guy Fred brought to me.

His name is vames Vames is not my type of guy but I just need to stay with him for two years after that we can go our separate ways.

I still have sex with Fred, I don’t know if I love that guy or his di*kYears flew like time now it just six months remaining for the agreement Something terrible happened which I never knew I have been living with a bad guy all this while I was in my room just checking the Internet when a call came in from my account manager

Me- hello my Rick

Mr Rick- am fine madam but there is a big problem

Me- what happened

Mr Rick- someone has been able to forge out your signature and your thumbprint. He withdraw one billion dollars from your account madam I could not listen to the rest of the story as I fainted I woke up to meet myself in a hospital, my mum sitting beside me

Me- mum where am I

Mum- just cool down my dear

At that moment the door flung open and the police camein

Police – good afternoon Mrs Nicky Thompson

Me- yesPolice – we are here to give you the report on what happened to your account

Me- OK go on

Police – the incident was manager planned by one of your workers named Fred

Me- no no it can’t be true Fred did this to me

Police – fortunately the money has been restored back to your account but Fred has gone hiding ever since the incident

The next day I was discharged and my mum left back to the country I decided to get back at Fred and leave California I went to meet some assassin’s to help me bring him to me which they did successful.

Me- Fred how dare you do this to me

Fred- am sorry am sorry

Me- you don’t know how deep the pain you caused me but am going to feel that hole up right now by killing you and your two kids.

Still in the room where Fred was kept suddenly John ran up held my hands and he collected the gun from me forcefully and he held he pointing the gun at my back

Fred- everybody drop your gun or I shoot he

Me- no no drop your weapons guys pls Fred don’t shoot Ibeg you please

The guys all dropped their gun and Fred used me as a bait to escape

We got outside and he moved into my car and he drove off pushing me away

Gush that is really a bad incident.

How do I get this guy back because sure he will come back for me am sure of that I decided to use the legal means to disturb his plans against me and I will arrange how he will get killed.

I called the commissioner of police

Me- hello good afternoon

Police- Hello miss Nicky hope all is good

Me- not really Fred attacked me today and he got away with my car

Police – OK just cool down MA my boys will come over to your house right now for further investigation and descriptions of the car he took

Me – OK and I don’t feel save I will need security cause he promised to get me at all cost

Police- OK don’t worry I will sort it all out Later that day The police came bla bla blaI was given four police officers as guard. Days after the incident a video was sent to me on my whatzapp account

The video contains me having sex with Fred but his face is blurry.

A message also followedNicky sure you saw that right if you touch me or my families then the video will be viralI was really surprised we never engaged in a video recording sex before so how did he do itI decided to contact one of my cousins who works with atechnology company as a account security and privacy

He makes sure there is no form of stealing underground money from the Company account

Me- hi cousin

Cousin – hey babe whatz upMe- cousin we really need to meet I have a big problem

Cousin- why what wrong

Me- when we meet I will tell you. Should I come over to China

Cousin- hmm OK sure

Me- OK my regards to your kids I booked my flight to China as my dad took the jet I was at the airport when a call came in from the commissioner of police that Fred has been caught I canceled my trip because am going to China just because of him Two weeks later Fred was prosecuted and found guilty of the charges thrown at him base on evidence, he was sentenced to 15years imprisonment It was then I Learnt he is a wanted man at France before he ran to California to seek refuge Little did I know that my problem is just starting.

There is this guy that has been really asking me out for so long. His name is Evans. He is from Brazil and he owns a Telecommunications company here at California.

I accepted his proposal and after six months we got married in a really big celebration hosted by our parents,,,,,

β€’β€’TO BE CONTINUED βœ”οΈ

Watch out for how my past errors affected Nickys marriage in the next episode of sex and love…

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