The Devil I Love - S01 E04 (Story Episode)

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Mr otega get home very late in the night, he decided to check his daughter in the room, he get to the room and saw it empty. He search the toilet and bathroom to check if ella is around or not. He then dial her number… It’s ringing but she is not picking.. He is worried as ella has neva been this late outside. So he decide to call temi her friend.

Mr otega:hello, temi is ella with you ?

Temi: good evening sir, no sir she is not with me.. Is she not home yet ?

Mr otega: she is not here that’s why i called you naw ..

Temi: sir, she came to school this afternoon, that’s when i saw her last ooo. But i will try her number and see.

Mr otega:(with a shaky voice) o…. Okay . (hang up).————————————–

Temi is worried as ellas is not home yet, so she called martins.

Martins is not picking the call and ella is not picking too. What will i do bayi.. She said looking confused. And i can’t go to martins hostel by this time. Let me call him again. She try calling martins… Thank God he picked it.

Martins: hello temi, are you okay ? I was asleep that’s why i was unable to pick up.

Temi: is ellas sleeping atyour place today?

Martins: no, she already left like 2 hours ago, why are you asking me this? She should have been home by now coz i tried calling and she was not picking..

Temi: ah! (Screams) martins are sure coz her dad just called me now and he said ella is not home yet since she left for school this morning ..Martins: temi don’t joke with me please, if nah joke abeg stop am..

Temi: i swear she is not home yet oo and it’s already past 10 now.

Martins: ah! I need to go and find her now. I hope nothing happens to her coz i will not forgive myself if anything should happen.

Temi: don’t worry, lets just think positively, maybe she just went somewhere else. I am sure she will be home by tomorrow morning.

Martins: i hope so too. I will keep trying her phone maybe she will Pick up.

Temi:ok, bye i will try it too…——————————————-

Miguel is tired of waiting, as he is already drunk , he was trying to call dave when he saw his car coming into his compound.. Dave highlight from the car holding a young lady who look unconscious in his arms, he did not wait to say a word,he just went strait to miguels bedroom to drop her while adam waited outside to have a word with miguel.

Adam: miguel nah the babe be that for dave hand, you don see as she fine abi?

Miguel:(drunken voice) guy i see am oo, that babe too fine abeg.

she get bobbie oo. As you see me so my stomach don full he remain make i bust oo.

Adam: (laughing) my guy sha no kill that girl oo.

Miguel: this tin no fit kill person abeg, no be to f--k, I don over charge self make i go see the chick.

Adam:okay boss go enjoy, me and dave go stay down here till you finish with the girl. We go come return am from where we see am…——————————————-

I woke up in a dark room, i am not seeing clearly I am weak, i try moving my legs to get up from the bed then i remembered how i was kidnapped by two guys my dad must be very worried now i thought to myself.

Since my mom died 7 years ago, my dad has been there for me, he never make me feel alone, he always grant all my requests. he was a mother and a father to me…… I tried searching for my phone but i can’t find it. I manage to get up to the door then suddenly someone push the door open from outside.. I was unable to see the persons face coz it is dark in the room.

The stranger bring out a flash light and flash it on my eyes then he grabbed me on my wrist and throw me on the bed…..

At this point i had started crying..

Me: please let me go please,,,, who are you,,, i beg you please have mercy on me please,,, don’t hurt me please…..Stranger : (laughing) baby i am not hurting you, i just want to have fun that’s all.

Me:please leave me please …

Stranger: you are an adult and u must have done this b4, so why are you crying? Just shut up……..I saw him removing his belt and clothes due to the flash light but i could not see his face… He move closer to me on the bed, he hold my hands with one of his hands and he started ripping of my cloths…

At this point i knew i was naked already. I started begging himto stop,,, he turned deaf to my pleadings as he proceeded..

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