The Devil I love - S01 E02 (Story Episode)

3 years ago

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We knock on his door without answers, i called him too but he is not answering so temi suggest to call him herself maybe he will pick up… He finally pick the call nd opened the door for us.

I sat on the bed beside him while temi sits on the couch . there was a little silence as i don’t even know how to explain to mart that i forget the anniversary. He broke the silence by offering us drinks. He went to get the drink, as he left temi whisper to me that i should apologise to him coz he looks like he was crying lolz..

He came back with two cans of malt.

Temi:martins thanks for the drink. I will leave now coz i need to meet with femi.~Femi is one of temi’s boyfriends, she has like 3 boys she is dating. Yea my friend is crazy.. She left me and martins alone the room. As she left martins went to lock the door and came back to me.——————————-

Mr richard otega was in the office waiting for his business partner mr mike adeola who is also a chairman.

Mr otega has lost a lot of clients for the past 6months that his empire is already falling apart.

He made a plan to get his daughter married to mr Adeola’s son so that thier company will be Allies and he will get a lot of money to progress. He was still thinking about all that happened when his secretary bring mr adeola to him.

Mr adeola: Richard my friend. It’s been a while since i have seen you .

Mr otega: welcome chairman please have a sit.

Mr adeola: thank you jare my friend. So what’s going on?

Mr otega: oré (friend) a lot has happened oo. I lost a lot of clients due to some financial problems and now the company is getting bankrupt. So i need your help to start over again.

Mr adeola: hmmm,, richard what you are saying is not easy oo. But let me see what i can do about it.

Mr otega: chairman you are the only one that can help me out please don’t let me loose my empire.

Mr adeola: richard you know this kind of things are not easy. What do you have to offer me to make sure you will not betray me later on.

Mr otega: i have a beautiful daughter and you have a son. Why don’t we join our families ?

Mr adeola: hahaha(laughing) you are right. But what if the kids did not want to get married ?

Mr otega: don’t worry chairman,my daught can never disobey me. We can get them engage next week self.

Mr adeola: haha that is too fast jare. Anyways it is all in your hands, once your daughter accepts then i don’t have a problem.

Mr richard:okay sir. Thanks for honouring my invite. I will call you once i have finalize the deal.

Mr adeola:alright. I have to leave now.

Mr adeola left whlie mr otega was happy that mr adeola had accepted his deal. It is now left for him to talk to his daughter about it.——————————-

Mart: so ella you have decided to make our anniversarya boring day right.?

Me: i am really sorry love, i don’t know how i forget about it please forgive me.. (I said trying to look into his eyes)

Mart:Ella, these days you make me feel like you don’t love me anymore.

Me:no martins i love, i really do.

Then prove it he said trying to move closer to me.. Prove to me that you love me ella, i have waited enough it’s 2 years now and i have been gentle with you.

I knew what he was trying to say but i pretend not to know.

Me: what do you mean ?

Mart: let me do it just this ones please ella. Body no be firewood.

Me: i am sorry but i can’t have sex with you just to prove that i love you. If there is any other way to i will but not sex please.

Mart: you have always reject me everytime i try having sex with you. You are my girlfriend and i have a right to…

At this point i can’t stand his plead anymore so i told him i am leaving coz it’s already 8:14 in the evening!

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