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I was like someone who was asked to stab himself with knife and a gun was pointed at me if I don’t, I will be shot. I stared at Abigail who stood helplessly crying, Beauty stared at me and Abigail in confusion.

Half of my heart cried out and ran away, I couldn’t go after her ’cause another half of my heart is here. Abigail ‘na half of my heart wey run’, I sat on the bed weakly, Beauty knelt on the bed her arms akimbo, she glared at me murderously.

Beauty: are you cheating on me with that?

Me: am sorr…. A very hot slap I mean hot like hot water landed on my left cheek, and I started seeing metaphysical stars. I laid flat on the bed covering my left cheek with the other of my palm.

She looked mean, she picked her br and clasped it behind and wore her clothe.

Beauty: I don’t want to ever see your cheating self close to me again, or I will kill you! she scream like a mad ladyI shifted a way in freight, I have started memorizing all those karate moves I watched in movies in case she tried to stab me with knife, she hissed and took her handbag and cat-walked out of my room,I stood up and tip-toed to the kitchen to make sure she is gone. I saw the pot of soup boiling on the gas cooker, I brought it done first. I went out of the kitchen to the verandah and locked the protector. I knew the chapter of Beauty has closed in my life, she isn’t the type that jokes with words.

The thought of Abigail made me cry…

Me: I be man, I no go cry hot tears start coming out my eyes I saw the big cake on the floor that the shape has already been destroyed, beside it is a medical report.

I picked it up and read it to find out that I have an unborn child.

Me: I be person papa I scream happily, falling on the bed I rolled on the bed rejoicing until I realized I just shattered my unborn baby’s mother’s heart.

I grabbed my phone, I didn’t want to call her ’cause she won’t pick my call, I decided a text will be better. I will not include the child so that she will not feel like I only care about the baby.

Me: am be your mad lover Abigail I mumble to myself I started punching the keyboard in my phone’s screen ‘I know am not worthy of your love, am a foolish lover, an idiot. Person wey brain empty, I know you are angry but whenever you smile, the heaven’s bless the innocent.

I didn’t mean to hurt you, am the biggest foolish fool on Earth to loose a rare jewel like you, I was dating Beauty before I met and fell in love with you and my legs come break scatter inside the love, I couldn’t breakup with her ’cause she threatened to kill me and I don’t want to loose you, I hope you forgive me. I never took you for a fool, I always and always love you. Amongst the billion lies I told you, this is just the only truth, believe me I will continually beg for your forgiveness till I die’After I was done with typing the message, I sent it and waited for it. The message was delivered and I exhaled happily, I had nothing to do.

I cleaned up the mess in my room and went to make garri for myself, one mind was telling me not to eat the soup that Beauty cooked.

She might have dropped some poison inside before sheleft my apartment.

I took one meat in the soup and exit the house, there is this dog owned by our caretaker.

He kept it in the cage at the back of the flats, the dog is always quiet you will hardly know if there is dog in the compound ’cause she only barks when she is hungry that is all, ‘after food the dog dey mind em business’. I got to it cage and eyed the meat I held, I cut it by two.

The meat is too much for the dog, the dog sat at the edge of the cage looking at me with her tongue dancing in her open mouth.

I looked left and right to check if the coast is clear, I threw the cut piece of meat inside the cage.

The dog stared at it and smelt it and went back to it majestical position, I waited and the stupid dog also waited for me to throw the other piece, ‘which kind dog be this? Na human being be this oh!’I gave it the other piece swearing for the stupid dog.

It repeated the same action and sat back staring at me,licking it mouth.

I waited for more minutes and the dog maintained it position, I decided more meats will do the trick.

I went back to the room and carried two big pieces of meats with bones and returned to the cage with it, I threw one it didn’t move.

Immediately I threw the other one, it stood up and started feasting on the other meats I threw earlier, making some funny sounds as she enjoyed the meat.

Me: do die abeg. I left that place angrily and went inside my room, I sat for ten minutes.

I came out of my room and met sister Mary coming inside the yard, I behaved like I saw nobody and tried to check on the dog.

Mary: Vic, you no see me?

Me: oh! You sabi my name, no vex… Separate Paul from Barnabas, light and darkness have nothing in common,no call my name again.

Mary: ah! Ahh! You still dey vex for wetin I do you the other time.

Me: no call my name again I walk away

Mary: you sabi vex oh! I for like make you give me something.

Me: go meet your pastor. I took a turn and headed to the cage, I met the dog sitting down.

Immediately the dog saw me, it started licking it mouth.

Me: so you no die!The dog was sad when it didn’t see me with more meats, I gave it a very bad look that the dog behave herself.

Me: you think say na me get you?I hissed and walked away, I started hearing voices inside my room and my car parked inside the compound.

I entered my apartment and couldn’t find the bowl of garri I made, I opened the soup and it looked like someone has disvirgin the innocency of the pot of the soup with brutal rape.I entered my bedroom and met Biggy with my twin brother swallowing seriously with different plates of soup, I started crying.

I didn’t even know why I was crying, after Biggy swallowed the last morsel and there is no trace of garri inside the bowl.

Victory: happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.

Biggy: how old are you now? How many years you don reach?

Me: ona two don mad!!I hissed and went inside the kitchen to boil hot water, I poured water inside the kettle and placed it on the fire.

Biggy and Victory came out of the room.

Biggy: birthday boy, enjoy yourself.

Victory: the celebrant, that soup sweet oh!

They left afterwards and I made garri for myself, I boiled the soup again.

I dished for myself and settled with it, I first put my finger and tasted the soup, it taste great.

Me: she learnt how to cook for my sake I feel horrible for disappointing Beauty*I put my emotion on checks and devoured the food, drank a cup of water and returned back to my bed. I slept off, someone woke me up pointing a gun at me.

Me: sir…. Sir… Please, don’t kill me.

Man: shut up! Beauty said I should kill you.

He pulled the trigger and shot me twice in the stomach.


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