Story: A girl like Amanda - S01 E05

7 months ago

“One day am gonna leave this life, you should too. Elektra” Michael said.“Michael Jason aka MJ I have heard. Thanks for the advise.

Elektra said starring at him intently.“Maybe we can go away from this Amanda, no more Potiphar, no more guns.” “You and I know that it’s not possible, Potiphar is a dangerous man, deadly.” “Listen, your like my kid sister Elektra, I can’t bear the thought of losing you because of all this. We have to get out as soon as we can, f--k Potiphar, f--k them. I am always here for you.” He said as he got on his kneels and held her right hand in his.“MJ I know you love me but you have to understand. It’s very risky.”She pleaded looking at him.

She knew he really cared about her but she knows who Potiphar is and he won’t let them have peace.“Spare me that Amanda, he is an old man, Amanda.” He screamed out letting go off her immediately as he got up, she jerked off in fear as she saw he was now angry.

MJ realize that there wasn’t any need to be angry at her “Am sorry for yelling at you but I don’t wanna be here and see you get hurt.” He got down on his kneels again, placing a hand on his cheek, he smiles. “After two more and am done, two more.”*‘Pim! Pim!!A car behind hers blared her horn jerking her, she looked at the traffic light and saw it is green, she said some inaudible words as she step on the accelerator, now in Lagos, she wondered if he would kill her or if he was going to torture her.

Twenty one minutes later. She blows the car horn in front of a gigantic black gate, waiting patiently for the security man to open the gate.

Soon it was opened as shedrove in. She got out of the car not before taking out a hand gun from the car cabinet. She check the muzzle and the bullets before putting it inside her purse, she came prepared. She met some boys on black suits holding AK 47s with dark specs.“Lady Elektra, welcome.” One of the boys said moving closer to her.“Taofeeq, thanks. Is the Godfather in?”“The boss is always in Lady Elektra.” Taofeeq informed. “And am sorry about MJ, he was nice to me.”“Is he really dead?” Amanda asked sadly.“Yes but I can’t say anything else again, if the boss find out I just told you this am dead.” Taofeeq said looking around.“I understand, I’ll see you later, kay?”She said as she walked passed him.

Reaching out for the door handle, she prayed silently.

Pushing the door as it gave way, she entered inside and hoped for the worst.

BACK IN THE VILLAGE. Jidenna opened the compound gate as he was still angry over the incident. Removing his stained shirt he called Somadina to buy hypo for him as he handed her one hundred naira.

She ran with speed to the nearby kiosk.

Few minutes after she is back with the hypo, she gave his change as she went to the back to continue washing the plates.

He checked his trouser and saw it was stained also, he wished he had saw the face of the driver.“The driver have his luck that I didn’t see his face, if not.” He cursed but stops suddenly, the car was familiar to him. He tried to remember where he saw it until he remembered that it was parked in the Uzomas compound, he remembered that mama said it belonged to Amanda, having the thought of Amanda, he relaxed a bit.“Why was she speeding like that?” He asked himself but thought it might someone else, nevertheless he told himself that he was going to her house to find out if it was truly her.

With that he said as he washed his white shirt and spread it on the hang line before taking his bath once more.**Soludo woke up as, he was sleeping on the bed with Osita, he had pee on the bed again, on Osita’s body who is still sleeping since it is Saturday.

Knowing his father would flog him, he pulled off his wet clothes and secretly took out new shirt and a short, he wore them and went to outside.

When he is out of the room, he looks around the compound gate and saw it was unlocked, it didn’t bother him as he thought nothing of it.

He walks to Amanda’s building and knocks, then he saw it was bolted shut.“Soludo!!!” His father’s voice is heard immediately from their room.

He jumps immediately as he is scared. “I am finished oh,” he says as he thought of what to do, he slowly walks to their house.“So you have wee’d on the bed again right? I thought you must have learnt a lesson.” Mazi Ebube asked him holding a cane in his right hand.

Osita is awake looking angry at Soludo. “Daddy, I didn’t wee’d on the bed again oo, it was Ositadinma, look at his knicker is wet” Soludo blurted out, he hates lying to his father but his father’s cane was what scared him.

Mazi Ebube looks at Osita,“Boy come here.” He said to him.“Daddy he is lying, how can I as big as I am urinate on the bed.” He asks, obviously scared also. Mazi Ebube is no nonsense man, he makes sure his children are obedient and clean always,if they did something wrong, he would flog them mercilessly , Lotenna wasn’t excluded. At times, their or neighbours would have to intervene on their behalf, Soludo is the one who his father had flogged the most, one time he had fainted whilst being flogged by his father as he had hit his head hard on the wall when trying to block his cane.

His mother was angry at his father for two days but he wasn’t relent, he keeps flogging them whenever they did a little bit of a wrong thing.“It’s evident that you did, you are smelling of urinate and your cloth is wet but Soludo’s isn’t. Kneel down.” He ordered.“Daddy, I can’t oo, I didn’t urinate on the bed. I did not so I won’t be wiped on what I did not do.” He said frowning.“So you have the guts to disobey me and you even raised your voice at me.” Mazi Ebube said as he drops the cane in his hand,Soludo lock that door now.” He orders as Soludo had no choice to lock it. In a twinkle of an eye, he had pounced on his fifteen years old son, hitting him with his fist as Osita screamed for help.

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