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Amanda woke up from her bed now, she had moved into her father’s house the previous day after the stressful work she and the members of the family had gone through with the house. Leaving alone, she wore only a pant as her boobs are seen, still firm with her hard nipples.

The house was a three Bedroom duplex so it was big deal that she walked around half naked when she was sleepy or wanted to have a nap, at least, this was what her mother made her got used to back in the city when she was little.

Looking in the mirror, she is looking all over her self. She knew she was a beauty added what all the nice shapes she had gotten from her mom. Fair in complexion and a lady of about 5ft tall.

She placed her index finger on her left n----e as it twitch a bit, she looked somewhat sad anytime she thinks of her mother, she even hated someone asking out for her mother, to her her mother was a b---h, a woman that mislead her, she is happy for her accomplishments, a graduate of the university of Cleveland, Ohio.

She is still in her thoughts when her phone rang out that morning, she hissed and looked at the wall clock. It is thirty minutes past five am, she frowned as she wonders who it was that was disturbing her peace time.

She looked at the caller ID but saw no name, wondering who it was, she picks the phone then swipe up the call to answer it, she placed the phone on her ear and muttered a ‘Hello’ to the caller. “Amanda,’ a deep voice is heard immediately, Amanda heart sank. “Potiphar.” She said, her voice shaking. “Where are you?” Potiphar asked.“Am. . am_am not.. in town.” She stammered. “You changed your sim, are you trying to hide from me?” Godfather asked and Amanda placed a hand on her chest, it was obvious the Godfather dreaded her. “My… My phone got lost.. so I bought a new one.” She replied him.“Where are you!?” Godfather asked.“Am in Delta State.” She said looking scared. “Michael is dead.” Godfather informed her.“How? Godfather, when?”“Don’t ask your stupid questions, come to Lagos today or I will pay a visit to Amanuke.” Her heart jumped as she realize that Godfather knows where she is and what scared her more is the fact that he knows she lied to him. No one lies to him and gets free.

She wanted to say something but he had already cut the call.

She never wanted to go the city but she knows what the man can do, in order to save her family, and to respect Micheal, she needed to go.

She hurriedly took her bath and wore a black jump suit and a gold earring, with a Royce wrist watch.

She looked at herself in the mirror once more, pleased with the way she was, took her hand bag and her car key. Pressing a button on the car key, it made a ‘pip’ sound as she opened the driver door and entered inside, placing her bag on the passengers seat, she inserted the key into the keyhole igniting the car on, she looks back and revised out of the compound. Without informing anyone, she drove out with speed taking a right turn, she drove on a pot hole with mud water inside as it splashes on a male pederestrian on the side walk, without realizing it drove on heading to Lagos State.

****Jidenna still awake, he realize it is almost day break, he took his watch from the bedside table, he glances at the time and saw that it is almost six PM.

He got down from the bed, staying in a four bedroom flat with his parents and kid sister in the compound, he knew his dad won’t be around, his mum would be preparing to go to the Amanuke central market where she is a trader. And his sister would be at home since it was Saturday morning.

Putting on a black singlet and a mickey mouse boxer, he walked to a drawer as he placed his hand on the handle, pulling it out, he took his toothbrush and a toothpaste as he headed outside to brush his teeth.

He never had the intention of telling anyone about his dream.

After he was done brushing his teeth, he went inside his room and kept his brush and paste, he walks to a mirror drawer as he put his hand in and brought a dettol soap and a sponge, he comes out again with a blue towel tied round his waist. He look over to his left as he saw a plastic purple bucket near the store house where his mother keeps some of her goods which was located at the side of the building. He carried it and walked over to the borehole which was situated at the back of the house, he fills the bucket up as he headed to the bathroom which was inside the compound.

Ten minutes later. He was out with the bucket in his left hand and the towel in his right hand, cleaning his face and both ears. He places the bucket at the same place he took it earlier and hangs his wet sponge on a nail nailed to thewall.

Walking into his room once more, he removed his wet boxer and throws it on the heap of dirty clothes in the plastic basket at the side of his room.

He opens his cupboard doors and selected a white T-shirt with a red jean trouser and a red sandal.

He is 5.4ft tall and has a chocolate skin as he took after his dad, seeing nothing to do at home, decided to go to his best friend’s house, Victor Ordu.

Putting the clothes on, exited the room and walks to his parents room.“Mummy good morning.” He greeted as he saw her well dressed and sitted on the bed while talking on the phone, his mum waved at him as she acknowledged him in the room.“I am going to Victor’s house. I’ll be back in an hour.” He informed her not wanting to stay a minute.

She nodded then he walked out of the room and out of the compound.

He jogged some miles, when getting close to Victor’s house he started walking when a car past by him speedily, pouring mud water on him.

Cursing under his breath as he didn’t see the car in time, he mumbles angrily as he had no choice to head back home.

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