His Secret (The magical spell) [completed]

2 years ago

His Magical Spell
Kelly was a young boy of 18 whom
everyone adored, he was so handsome that
people call him beautiful.

He was also the next king.

His wicked aunty wanted to be the ruler so
she destroyed the city with black magic
killed his parents but was unable to kill

She cast a spell on him turning him to an
animal and sending him very far into the

“you would only turn human again after
200 years,but the spell would be broken if
anyone can withstand you during the full
moon she laughed wickedly.

“go away now” I begged as I kept sweating

“I won’t go away I want to be with you
even when you face difficulties” she said.

The moon was full my hands were

“go now please” I screamed but instead
she came closer and closer.

If I change then I won’t spare her.

This time my eyes turned red and I was

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His Secret (The magical spell) [completed] Season 1

His Secret (The magical spell) [completed] Season 1

1 year ago