Valentine Blues [completed]

1 year ago

Two lonely strangers on St. Valentine’s day.
One suffering from a broken heart. Her engagement was just called off and her fiance was getting married that day.

The other just found out that his ex was a l£sb!an and was getting a surgery done to become a guy.

With no loved one to spend the day with, they decided to spend the day together. Drinking ,laughing and enjoying the night .

Nothing serious. Until things become heated.
But the morning after , reality kicks in.
What happens now? Do they go back to their boring normal life with nothing but work; more work or even more work.

Or climb on the wind and soar to where ever it leads.?

But there was one problem.
One night stand was different from a relationship with a stranger you know nothing about.

As soon as it began, it crashed.
And they both went their separate ways. A year later. .they meet again, St. Valentine’s day.

Do they give in to the spur of the moment or just shut the door to things never meant to be..

Just like the people in their lives that left.

Maybe, happiness wasn’t met for them. And love even further away.
But cupid got other plans as he shot the arrow…

It missed. He curses. He grabs another and targets his heart. He shoots. It hits the mark.
He crosses his legs and watches how events play out sipping on cloud-wine.
A story written by Stephanie Egberike

Valentine Blues [completed] Season 1
6 months ago