Crying Blood (Bleeding Tears) [completed]

1 year ago


Where does one begin to explain the misery that life has put them through..How do i even begin to
explain how i ended up in this hell hole? It was writen that we are God’s children and it went
further to explain that he will never leave us nor forsake us.I have always prayed believing that my
life will someday change..I have never in my life disobeyed anyone.I have always been that
quiet,shy and introvert child both at home and at school.All that made me happy was my room.My
room was my escape place where i would dream of all sorts of things that will make me forget
about the thorns life throws on my way…

My name is Rudzani Tshivhula.Im a venda breed born in a family of 2siblings.I live with my Mother
Funanani Tshivhula,my younger sister Ipfi Tshivhula and younger brother Dakalo Tshivhula.Im 22 years of age..

Allow me to take you through my life journey of how i ended up in the streets doing
unthinkable things i never imagined myself doing.
Who said being rich doesnt come with prices? Who said its all because of hard earned work from studying and all.

Yes those who are lucky make it through without having to do shady dealings but
thats not my case.I went to school for 6 years to attain my MBA and a bachelor’s degree in human resource..

I studied this hard to make my parents proud but it was never enough.All they wanted
was for me to work for the family company but i was not interested.I cant always depend on my
parents.Im a man who needs to stand on his own two feet…My parents made sure that i dont get a
job anywhere if i dont work for their company
My name is Lesley Pilusa Son of Maria and Thabang Pilusa.I have a twin brother by the name
Ethan Pilusa.Let me let you in on what goes on behind other people’s riches and how i obtained mine.

As I’m thinking about the story that is to follow.

This is one of my thoughts….

Crying Blood (Bleeding Tears) [completed] Season 1
8 months ago