Palingenesis [completed]

1 year ago


Ben and Isaac, best of friends, course mates and even roommates lived their ordinary lives as students until they met another two best friends and fell in love with one each.

Isaac falls in love with Clarieta while Ben falls in love with Ejiro.

Their love story begin’s so sweet but little did they know that they had ventured into relationships that would change their lives forever.

But that couldn’t have even avoided it, the prophecy had been given several years ago about their rebirth and has passed from generations to generations.

Unknown years ago, these lovers had met in the world and had their love story written in the history books. A pair of the lovers had a sweet story while the other pair had a sad one in the previous life. One of the girls had come back only to take revenge on her lover for his deeds in the past life.

Could true love change their destinies? Or would the prophecy of the revenge be fulfilled?
Find out as we read through this interesting journey.

Written by Akpede Isaac Kross.


Palingenesis [completed] Season 1

10 months ago